Glenna Lundberg


Glenna Lundberg


Canadian artist, Glenna Lundberg, has found ways to be creative her whole life. She considers herself more of a late blooming painter having only focused more seriously on her art in the past few years. Coming back to creating, primarily with watercolours, has opened a space for joy in the midst of challenges. She hopes the peace and delight she feels when she paints comes through to observers of her paintings. Inspired by the beauty of the Pacific Northwest, her art often reflects natural themes.
Her University studies were in Social Work despite an artistic childhood. She worked for many years in this field and Glenna believes that this has now combined well with her experience of the healing power in art. Her interest and training in Expressive Art Therapy have been used in her most current employment of working with special needs children. Together with a wide assortment of art supplies, she uses free creating to bring out confidence and joy in young students.
Glenna along with her husband raised a busy family with children that joined them by birth and adoption. For years, art supplies sat on the shelf as she juggled the demands of parenting children with many needs. However, now all in their 20’s, it was these same demands that eventually brought her back to art as she needed a creative outlet to centre her spirit. A local watercolour instructor has been her main influence of late although she is trying her hand at creating more intuitively now that she has gained some specific skills.
A new venture has taken her south of the border to the USA where she and her (American) husband open their home to those needing some space to reflect in nature, relax and try their hand at some art. Glenna is now hoping to turn her passion to create art into a livelihood and has just scratched the surface showing at a few local markets and publishing in a craft magazine. She is looking forward to getting to know the art world!

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