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Canadian artist, Glenna Lundberg, has found ways to be creative her whole life. She considers herself more of a late blooming painter having only focused more seriously on her art in the past few years. Coming back to creating, primarily with watercolours, has opened a space for joy in the midst of challenges. She hopes the peace and delight she feels when she paints comes through to observers of her paintings. Inspired by the beauty of the Pacific Northwest, her art often reflects natural themes. Her University studies were in Social Work despite an artistic childhood. She worked for many years in this field and Glenna believes that this has now combined well with her experience of the healing power in art. Her interest and training in Expressive Art Therapy have been used in her most current employment of working with special needs children. Together with a wide assortment of art supplies, she uses free creating to bring out confidence and joy in young students. Glenna along with her husband raised a busy family with children that joined them by birth and adoption. For years, art supplies sat on the shelf as she juggled the demands of parenting children with many needs. However, now all in their 20’s, it was these same demands that eventually brought her back to art as she needed a creative outlet to centre her spirit. A local watercolour instructor has been her main influence of late although she is trying her hand at creating more intuitively now that she has gained some specific skills. A new venture has taken her south of the border to the USA where she and her (American) husband open their home to those needing some space to reflect in nature, relax and try their hand at some art. Glenna is now hoping to turn her passion to create art into a livelihood and has just scratched the surface showing at a few local markets and publishing in a craft magazine. She is looking forward to getting to know the art world!




Mixed Media

Artist Statement

There are several lovely stories that have amazingly unified my painting into what it is.

"Stand" is the first piece of artwork that I have ever created outside. I was recently hit with some devastating personal news and the miserable weather was keeping me inside in my misery. When a particular day dawned sunny and warm, the first of this spring, I decided to try Plein Air painting both literally and metaphorically breaking out of my darkness and into the light!

I had discovered an old "Living Bible" at a thrift store that I bought for the purpose of incorporating scripture into my art. I found some passages that cried out to God in my pain and adhered those to my painted canvas.

Trees often figure into my paintings and seeing as I was outside staring at them, I focussed on one in particular. Using a palette knife I applied acrylic paint to my canvas. As I painted, the word "stand" which I had picked as my word for 2020 came to mind. I'd never picked a word of the year before and had forgotten about it now several months into the year. Before me was a "stand" of trees and I was curious as to how that might relate to what was going on in my heart and mind. I discovered that a stand or community of trees has fairly uniform characteristics, enough to distinguish them from adjacent communities of trees. I went and looked back in my journal to read from January 1/2020 where I had written how I intend to STAND firm in God's truths, STAND in the fact that God is leading me and I can completely trust him, STAND strong knowing He will show me the path forward, and STAND up for Him in a new and different way. I considered if I as a Christ-follower, like a stand of trees, have something that distinguishes me from other people? Yes! I have access to all the power needed to stand against the devil's schemes.

This painting flowed from me as I considered all of these thoughts entwining together in a way that I had never experienced before in my art-making.

How it fits into contest

I had just completed my painting "Stand" when I came across the Engage Art Contest. It sounded very appealing and as I read the Ephesians passage, the word "stand", which appeared on two occasions, caught my attention. I'd never read it exactly that way before but it hit me that the armor of God was allowing me to stand firm in difficult circumstances. I quickly read all of the additional spiritual battle scripture provided and knew that God had given me the word stand for 2020 knowing of course what was ahead for me. I am in a battle now where I need to know more than ever that Satan lies and masquerades as an angel of light but God will overcome. He has equipped me with everything I need by putting on each piece of his armor and standing in His power!


Glenna Lundberg

How to Purchase this Artwork

This is an original work. Mixed media 16" x 20" x 1.5" on canvas.
I can be contacted at
I was not intending to sell it due to its personal meaning but I am willing if someone is interested.

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I have done watercolor commissions and led small groups in fun experiential workshops to explore the awesome power of art. I have prints and cards for sale.

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