Heidi Cabatit


Heidi Cabatit


I’m Heidi Cabatit, a mother of one, married to a wonderful guy. We are making life work. I've also enjoy teaching middle school art for eighteen years, where I get to walk in the lives of students just trying to figure things out. Yes, life is busy, but when I get a free moment, I like to create. Many of my pictures start as an image that I see in my mind or a dream before they make their way to a piece of paper. This particular image came as a friend was praying over me at the beginning of a day. What a day! It was just the start and I already needed to be reminded to shed what the world wanted to wrap me in. It was a gentle reminder that I, just as much as everyone around me, need daily protection whether the turmoil comes from around me or from within me, as I do this thing called life.

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