Heidi Cabatit

Artist bio

I’m Heidi Cabatit, a mother of one, married to a wonderful guy. We are making life work. I've also enjoy teaching middle school art for eighteen years, where I get to walk in the lives of students just trying to figure things out. Yes, life is busy, but when I get a free moment, I like to create. Many of my pictures start as an image that I see in my mind or a dream before they make their way to a piece of paper. This particular image came as a friend was praying over me at the beginning of a day. What a day! It was just the start and I already needed to be reminded to shed what the world wanted to wrap me in. It was a gentle reminder that I, just as much as everyone around me, need daily protection whether the turmoil comes from around me or from within me, as I do this thing called life.


No, No, No...Not Today!

Artist Statement

Some of the woes of the world begin through simplest little enticement, looking attractive and full of opportunity. Then the thing that was once held in such high regard slowly morphs into something that causes more sadness, pain and anger then one should carry throughout life. In “No, No, No…Not Today!” the young woman is determined to shed the colorful attractive worldly cloak that has encompassed her like a skin and while standing in the light, she is making the choice to step out of this cloak into the Amour of God for her daily walk.

How it fits into contest

Worldly expectations placed on our shoulders can be a heavy burden to carry. Sometimes life is lived moment by moment, day by day, month by month or even year by year and it is important to remember that we are not alone. It is essential to begin the day with God. He provides our needs and that includes protection for walking throughout the day. He never said our walk would be easy but He did promise to make our burden lighter.
So, the woman in the painting represents the daily choice of shedding the sheath that the world cloaks upon our shoulders. It is a daily decision to leave the weight of the world expectations behind.


Heidi Cabatit/Artist

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