Isaac Cordova


Isaac Cordova


Isaac Cordova is a Latino visual artist specializing in photography, filmmaking, and art direction. After graduating SMU with a Bachelor’s in Creative Advertising, he has been a self-employed photographer and videographer in Dallas, Texas. Recipient of the NSSC Richard Patrick Photography Award as well as the Creative Award for the Texas Central Bullet Train Short Film Competition, he has also worked with clients such as IG Capital and Tilt Studios. Having lived in numerous social classes and ethnic cultures throughout his life, he now enjoys a broader perspective on topics such as culture, truth, and faith. He gravitates towards art that illuminates the parts of life that go beyond reality. He is driven by the moments in life that seem too surreal to be true. This has led him to create a short film inspired by the on-going internal struggle we all wage against sin while portraying our relationship with temptation.

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Instagram: _isaac_cordova

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Isaac Cordova

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