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Isaac Cordova is a Latino visual artist specializing in photography, filmmaking, and art direction. After graduating SMU with a Bachelor’s in Creative Advertising, he has been a self-employed photographer and videographer in Dallas, Texas. Recipient of the NSSC Richard Patrick Photography Award as well as the Creative Award for the Texas Central Bullet Train Short Film Competition, he has also worked with clients such as IG Capital and Tilt Studios. Having lived in numerous social classes and ethnic cultures throughout his life, he now enjoys a broader perspective on topics such as culture, truth, and faith. He gravitates towards art that illuminates the parts of life that go beyond reality. He is driven by the moments in life that seem too surreal to be true. This has led him to create a short film inspired by the on-going internal struggle we all wage against sin while portraying our relationship with temptation.


10 Weeks

Artist Statement

Shelter in place and quarantine have forced us to have to live with ourselves. It has made it so there is no running away from our lives. I have had to make serious realizations in the last months and accept several truths. It has taken me 10 weeks to realize that I've been running from the dark and uncomfortable forces in my life and how the armor of God has been right in front of me this entire time. These feelings and realizations took time and were difficult to process internally at first. It took me 10 weeks to look within myself and take a stand to change my life for the better through scripture and prayer. I wanted to portray this through Elissa Eileen Morris to show how universal these spiritual battles are. My goal was to tell a modern and cinematic story that shows the journey of being weighed down by our choices and finding the strength to take a stand with the armor of God. It is my purpose to create works that have lasting impact and I am proud to create a film that may show others they are not alone in their journey.

How it fits into contest

10 Weeks takes a subtle and cinematic approach at portraying how the devil's schemes can manifest in our daily lives and the bravery involved in taking a stand against them. The nature of the devil and his schemes is to present sin as pleasant and well-boding. This nature is symbolically synonymous with the imagery of a snake. The serpent in this film represents the devil's schemes highlighted in Ephesians 6:11 and how they quickly fill our lives with frustration, disarray, and emptiness in a way that is difficult to fully understand at first. It is a journey to take strength in the Lord and take your personal stand against the weights that bring us down. Scripture and prayer are our ways of understanding and therefore being able to put on the armor of God to combat the dark forces, both seen and unseen, in our lives. We are perpetually waging a war of right vs wrong and this film uses symbolism through a modern lens to emphasize the personal struggle of putting on the armor of God to win our on-going spiritual battles.


Isaac Cordova: Director, Producer, Sound, and Editor
Elissa Eileen Morris: Actress
AShamaluevMusic - Nostalgy (I have purchased full commercial use for this track)

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I provide personal and commercial photography, videography, and creative concepting services.

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