Jada Muschamp


Jada Muschamp


My name is Jada Muschamp, I am Jamaican and still live there currently. I graduated University in 2019 and have a Bsc. in Culinary Arts Management and work in the restaurant industry. I am 22 years old and I started off doing art in grade 5 with drawing and started painting in 10th grade. I enjoy surrealism and expressionism art styles, but I do explore different styles to see what else I might enjoy.
Painting has been a on and off hobby of mine for 6 years. I have been looking for a reason to start back and this contest really inspired to do so. I was in one small art contest before this and came second even though I was scared to submit my work. I'm anxious about showcasing my work, but I've been trying to improve myself spirtually and put the talents God gave me out there

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Instagram: alaya_jay
Email: alayamuschamp@yahoo.com

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