Javier Rosada


Javier Rosada


I am an up and coming international music producer and film maker who's primary goal in life is to express humanities deepest emotions through visual and musical art. There is no better feeling in life than creating a piece of art that truly connects with its audience and leaves a long lasting memory or way of feeling.

Ella Vernali: a young and talented Nashville native who's biggest passion in life is the art of dance and choreography.
Sam Zacovic: another young bright mind from Nashville, TN who's interests range from health & fitness to photography & film making.
Javier Rosada: aka Jay Andre - this is my artist name/brand. My bio is the artist bio.

Best Contact Method

Email: jndremusic@gmail.com
Instagram: @itsjayandre
Youtube: @passionfruitfilms *not yet active but will hopefully soon have fresh new original projects!

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