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I am an up and coming international music producer and film maker who's primary goal in life is to express humanities deepest emotions through visual and musical art. There is no better feeling in life than creating a piece of art that truly connects with its audience and leaves a long lasting memory or way of feeling. Ella Vernali: a young and talented Nashville native who's biggest passion in life is the art of dance and choreography. Sam Zacovic: another young bright mind from Nashville, TN who's interests range from health & fitness to photography & film making. Javier Rosada: aka Jay Andre - this is my artist name/brand. My bio is the artist bio.


Shine A Light


Digital Art

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I normally do not create still visuals, I tend to focus primarily on music and video making. However, in an attempt to learn a new craft for self expression over quarantine, I have taken it upon myself to learn the inner workings of adobe photoshop. I enjoy the minimalistic style of visual art as it leaves room for better interpretation of the artist's true intention for their work. I began working on this new piece with this approach in mind, titled 'Shine A Light', after I gained a better feel for how this program works and once I felt comfortable enough to attempt a new creation with true intention behind it. I enjoy minimalistic approach to art as it leaves room for

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It is often the case that as we go through our life path, we are faced with difficult times in which we may question our faith, God's love and his caring nature. Blinded by the dark forces among us, we may lose sight of important matters, fall short in our goals, and become overwhelmed by life's challenges. During times like these, it is often the case that we forget all of the goodness in the world, the love and positive energy that is also among us. Through this piece, I hope to encourage others to stand up, be strong and 'shine a light' right through all of their worries. Stuck in dark times, we forget how the light never ceases to exist and is always there ready to shine in on any tough circumstances with true purpose. When we feel overpowered by life's shadow we become vulnerable to the evil around us, but through simple acts of prayer, connecting with loved ones, listening to or creating positive music & art, or getting carried away by a heart warming film can shift our entire perspective - bringing us closer and closer to the light of love.


Javier Andre Rosada Barrios

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Original, digital version only.

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