Jerry Smith


Jerry Smith


I am a Dallas metro resident, and exhibiting artist since 1979, with over 250 juried and solo shows, most recently included at the Macon Museum of Arts and Science, Macon GA, and the Alexandria Museum of Art, Alexandria LA. While in graduate school at the University of Kansas, I received a Fellowship to the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture, where I studied with nationally known artists, including Betye Saar, Elizabeth Murray and Eric Fischl.
I was a full-time professor for 19 years, but now am currently teaching part-time, as well as trying to establish a studio/gallery featuring art competitions, while full-filling the gospel mission of "caring for widows and orphans", having moved my wife's handicapped mother-in-law and mentally disabled adult niece into our home. It is a challenge, setting aside much of my own productivity, and engaging in a season of the needs of others.
My art is mixed media assemblage, often multi-panel works of large scale, and when not making autobiographical work relevant to my farm heritage, I seek to make art that correlates visually to scriptural references, making modern art of a Christian narrative.

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