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I am a Dallas metro resident, and exhibiting artist since 1979, with over 250 juried and solo shows, most recently included at the Macon Museum of Arts and Science, Macon GA, and the Alexandria Museum of Art, Alexandria LA. While in graduate school at the University of Kansas, I received a Fellowship to the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture, where I studied with nationally known artists, including Betye Saar, Elizabeth Murray and Eric Fischl. I was a full-time professor for 19 years, but now am currently teaching part-time, as well as trying to establish a studio/gallery featuring art competitions, while full-filling the gospel mission of "caring for widows and orphans", having moved my wife's handicapped mother-in-law and mentally disabled adult niece into our home. It is a challenge, setting aside much of my own productivity, and engaging in a season of the needs of others. My art is mixed media assemblage, often multi-panel works of large scale, and when not making autobiographical work relevant to my farm heritage, I seek to make art that correlates visually to scriptural references, making modern art of a Christian narrative.


Shrouded & Veiled



Artist Statement

Acrylic on pre-printed canvas featuring the face of Christ from the Shroud of Turin. (I had to convince the woman on eBay that I wanted the whole bolt of cloth, not just "one or two Jesuses"!) The imageryis multi-layered, and includes a painted duplication of the four horsemen of the apocalypse as depicted in the woodcut by Renaissance artist Durer; a realistically painted Hanukkah dreidel; an illustration of an atomic mushroom cloud; and my own creation of Christ in a paint-by-number's style, riding a bronco. (yes, I took artistic liberties regarding the King on the white horse) My artwork, as seen in the solo show installation view (image 5) typically combines multiple styles of expressionism to realism, along with words, in a manner of a symbolic narrative relating directly to scripture. Other works in image 5 relate to vanity in Ecclesiastes, and light not to be kept under a basket, described in the gospels.

How it fits into contest

The images of the four horsemen of the apocalypse relate directly to the powers and spiritual forces of verse 12. The title painted on the work refers to traditional art images of the Shroud of Turin and the Veronica Veil, but also allude that the time of Christ's return is also veiled--requiring us to "...keep alert and watch with strong purpose, interceding on behalf of the saints." (verse 18). We are called to not just seek our own salvation, but that of others.
But for me personally, this art is also about my own spiritual battle-- of "me/art" versus service to others--and which will be of more eternal importance when our works are judged in the refining fire, (symbolized by the mushroom cloud). For me, those spiritual forces are huge in the financial realm, telling me I should be making money instead of being a care provider. The Hannakah game of the driedal involves gelt or money, giving and taking. The symbols on the dreidel, of "give" and "take", remind me of the season I'm in, as I stand against the "stratagies and deceits of the devil" (verse 11), who tell me that I and my career are more important than others who themselves in their disabled condition can do little.
My amplified bible states in verse 18 "Pray, in every keep watch with strong purpose and perseverance". It has required much prayer for perseverance, to understand that my purpose in this season is to set aside my own needs (of being the self-devoted artist) and serve my extended family, widowed mother-in-law partially paralyzed by stroke, as well as my wife's 34 year old niece, a mentally disabled adult. We've also come to realize how much they both need to be enlightened in the faith of Christ alone as salvation, and what the bible says about judgment. (verse 19: interceding on behalf of the saints, and boldly proclaiming the gospel) I relate to Paul in verse 20, that I am literally coupled, just as he was chained to his guard, but that he saw his position to be one of ambassadorship. Paul's focus was on those whom he was with, in the present, and his concluding advice in verse 10, "be strong in the Lord" says it all.


Artwork created solely by Jerry E. Smith

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Original work, acrylic on canvas. Two panels, each 4x8 ft, totaling 8x8 ft. I can be reached at, or at my gallery website of

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I can offer a homeschooling course in Art Appreciation, conducted through podcasts on youtube, or available through CD.

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