Joseph Nyakwenga


Joseph Nyakwenga is man aged 29 years from Mutare Zimbabwe in Africa , l grew up in Penhalonga and did my Primary School at Tsvingwe primary School , l contuned my Secondary education at Tsvingwe High School in Penhalonga. I did my secondary education up to O level. When l finished my O level studies that's when l chose art to be my profession and Art in one of inborn talent. l was so inspired seeing the art canvas paintings done by artist like Leonardo DaVinci, Pablo Picasso,vincent van gogh and Joseph Beuys. l was enrolled at Mutare Polytechnic College in Art and Design for one year National Certificate 2012 to 2013, l then advanced to National Diploma in Graphic Design from 2014 -2016 and this year 2022 l won NAMA AWARDS (National Arts Merit Awards in Zimbabwe - Outstanding 2 Dimensional Work.

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National Gallery Of Zimbabwe in Mutare Zimbabwe (NGZ)

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Joseph Nyakwenga Art



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