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Joseph Nyakwenga is man aged 29 years from Mutare Zimbabwe in Africa , l grew up in Penhalonga and did my Primary School at Tsvingwe primary School , l contuned my Secondary education at Tsvingwe High School in Penhalonga. I did my secondary education up to O level. When l finished my O level studies that's when l chose art to be my profession and Art in one of inborn talent. l was so inspired seeing the art canvas paintings done by artist like Leonardo DaVinci, Pablo Picasso,vincent van gogh and Joseph Beuys. l was enrolled at Mutare Polytechnic College in Art and Design for one year National Certificate 2012 to 2013, l then advanced to National Diploma in Graphic Design from 2014 -2016 and this year 2022 l won NAMA AWARDS (National Arts Merit Awards in Zimbabwe - Outstanding 2 Dimensional Work.





Artist Statement

I created this artwork using ball point pen on A4 11 point Bond Paper.We are believers of Jesus Christ making us be his spear, the one he uses to arrange the world as He pleases.On my artwork, i drew a fighter who is the spear of the Lord because in whom Christ's spirit dwells in him and rose to fight.There are buildings on the ground and clouds on the sky showing that the battle is spititual.
There is a Human(God's spear) rising with Jesus' evangelism in spite of how big the obstacles are, holding in mind that Jesus Christ's death sacrifice gave us strength against evil spirits.
Therefore the spear rose with great strength acquired from fasting, dedication, true faith, Jesus' power and hope.

How it fits into contest

It resembles Ephissians 6 in the fact that the battle is between spirits, not blood and flesh.To make it more spiritual, I added a spiritual creature which hardly exists on earth and it represents evil spirits therefore bringing out the fact that it is a spiritual battle.
I drew the shield, helmet and the sword to bring out the fact of us dressing in battle clothing. The shield represents Faith and the sword represents the word of God that he uses to fight for Jesus Christ's evangelism. In his waist is a belt showing the greatness of Jesus Christ's evangelism, faith, farness and strength to overcome the evil spirits.


I thank God(Jehovah) who sent Paul Mwazha of Africa in these last days.

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+263 775 553 001

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l am also a Graphic Design in the city of Mutare.

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