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My name is Kendall Barthelmy and I'm from St.Lucia in the Caribbean. I am someone who finds identity in a few things which have been part of me, for a while now, some from a young age; My knack and passion for the arts, my love for nature, adventure and the outdoors, and last but not least, the pursuit of my faith in God & Christ. These even have various opportunities to intertwine, which is amazing. I have loved visual art in particular from the time I was a toddler, drawing my favourite cartoon characters-which themselves were created by artists. These formed a great part of my childhood and my art was a vehicle to carry these memories onward. As time moved on, I augmented my drawing with painting, digital painting, and most recently photography-which then made me curious about video. It can be very challenging at times without proper equipment, especially since recently getting into it, but it has been a great adventure so far and I hope to continue along those lines. Photography and video link well with my adventurous spirit because I love documenting my thrilling adventures and exploring and so adventure gives rise to me practicing them both. The Almighty is part of why I love nature also, apart from it being fun and thrilling. The way nature is set perfectly before us is just something I cannot get enough of, and then to know that this creator seeks covenant with us is amazing. Moreover just as God creates, he has given me a talent to create, while enjoying his creation, which is why I love how these converge, and I just want to keep on the up, using my talent to glorify him as number 1.

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