Artist bio

My name is Kendall Barthelmy and I'm from St.Lucia, within the Caribbean. I am someone who finds identity in a few things which have been part of me, for a while now, some from a young age; My knack and passion for the arts, my love for nature, adventure & the outdoors, and last but not least, the pursuit of my faith in God & Christ. These even have various opportunities to intertwine, which is amazing. I have loved visual art in particular from the time I was a toddler, drawing my favourite cartoon characters-which themselves were created by artists. These formed a great part of my childhood and my art was a vehicle to carry these memories onward. As time moved on, I augmented my drawing with painting, digital painting, and most recently photography-which then made me curious about video. It can be very challenging at times without proper equipment, especially since recently getting into it. However, it has been a great adventure so far and I hope to continue along those lines. Photography and video link well with my adventurous spirit because I love documenting my thrilling adventures, and so adventure gives rise to me practicing them both. Aside from being fun and thrilling, I also love nature just by simply knowing that the Almighty's hand is behind it. The way nature is set perfectly before us is just something I cannot get enough of, and then to know that this creator seeks covenant with us is amazing. Moreover, just as God creates, he has given me a talent to create, while enjoying his creation. I therefore love how these converge, and I just want to keep on the up, using my talent to glorify him as number 1.





Action & Adventure

Artist Statement

This short film showcases a young man who gets entangled in the battles of life. It metaphorically shows how the various areas that we fight amongst ourselves for actually create seeds of implosion within us. Amidst his ordeal, the character heeds the still, small guiding voice of God which reveals to him who he really should be fighting, and also equips him with the armour needed for that fight. The intent for the film is to create strong visuals which highlights a range of these physical battles which we can identify with, then providing the proper solution; the word of God.

How it fits into contest

The short film highlights the spiritual battle that we should be focusing on versus the common reality- that we tend to focus on physical battles. In the film, the main character has a moment of enlightenment, where he makes this change; Instead of fighting earthly battles, he shifts his focus to the spiritual, utilizing the armour of God in his new found quest to fight against those spiritual powers in high places.


Director & DP:
- Kendall Barthelmy

Main Character:
- Anthony Wilkie

Personified Woes:
- Cornelius Cadette
- Roniel Clement
- Jhad Stephen

Special Thanks:
- Brie-Ann Jeremie
- Hierland Peter
- Val Williams
- Kentilia Louis
- Tovan McDoom

Music / Sound Sources

Music: Conquer by Shane Ivers -

Music: Action and Adventure by Shane Ivers -

Transcript / Lyrics

How long...
Child of God how long will we go on?!
We fight for all sorts of reasons; status, partners, money, power, vengeance; hence getting
caught up in greed & envy...which breeds hatred one to another.
We lust & we do not receive, & so we fall further into sin. & When strong enough, it's as if these
same issues become personified …& they themselves drag us to the ground!

"Son...get son...look closer"

Through the noise that still small voice always penetrates. We just have to listen.
It causes you to break free. You realize that life is more than the rat race, the
hustle, the striving back and forth.
If you thought you were fighting then…
Now the REAL battle begins.

After you break the bonds of earthly battles to face your real
battles, you realize so much more that there is an entity behind it all. The one who is responsible for spiritual
evil in high places. This is your battle! Clothe yourself in truth, righteousness, the
readiness of the gospel, faith, salvation & the sword of the spirit... and when you do,
use them....and win!

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