KimMonelle Codrington


KimMonelle Codrington


KimMonelle is the name and art is the game, a passion to be exact. I live, eat,drink art, repeat!,it makes me beyond excited. I am a self taught artist, I have been drawing for as long as I could remember. However, I did take is as a subject in school since I enjoyed doing it so much .Although I work with various mediums , my preferred on is oil paint. This medium blends and glides across canvas easily and it also comes with a perk of drying slowly which gives me time to work as slow as I desire. Canvas is my preferred painting surface because of its durability and it's resistance to water. Moreover, I stretch my own canvas to get the desired size I wish to paint.

Rendering art transfers me to my own little world of creation and wonder in solitude.With my art I aim to achieve the skill of hyper-realism and to have an impact of others with the message my art work portrays.

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Instagram : mindexpression
Tiktok: Kimmo.jc

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