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KimMonelle is the name and art is the game, a passion to be exact. I live, eat,drink art, repeat!,it makes me beyond excited. I am a self taught artist, I have been drawing for as long as I could remember. However, I did take is as a subject in school since I enjoyed doing it so much .Although I work with various mediums , my preferred on is oil paint. This medium blends and glides across canvas easily and it also comes with a perk of drying slowly which gives me time to work as slow as I desire. Canvas is my preferred painting surface because of its durability and it's resistance to water. Moreover, I stretch my own canvas to get the desired size I wish to paint. Rendering art transfers me to my own little world of creation and wonder in solitude.With my art I aim to achieve the skill of hyper-realism and to have an impact of others with the message my art work portrays.





Artist Statement

The artwork is entitled "Deception". Through the analysis of each verse I was able to portray my message in art form with the use oil paints on canvas. In this painting I wanted to create a visual representation of deception and comparison between a dark and light nature. Deception is around us and if we are not paying attention, we could easily be deceived.

Imagery showcases a soldier facing a compelling dark version of herself in a mystical mirror in the foreground. This dark version is however almost identical and you may notice that the mirror is not reflecting the right way. With that , the soldier holds her ground in deep thought without entering the unknown. However, she realize the deception or false sense of being that had almost befallen her. She diverts her outstretched arm and clutched her sword ready for the fight. The soldier is armed with the divined weapons, the wing on her shoulder suggests God is by her side. In the background in its gloomy state, the juxtaposition of the light cool and light warm hues further adds to the mood of the piece. Weapons litter the ground in the foggy distance of the former battle field, it represents the e ones who went down the wrong (fallen for the deception) and lost the battle. With that said, semi- fogged sky symbolizes the struggle against the spirits and supernatural forces ( foe those who are blinded cannot see). The red sun in the sky symbolizes death of the unprepared mortals. My Motive for this piece is "not all that glitters is gold".

How it fits into contest

Coming to terms with ours fears or being in denial, is truly a mortal weakness we all share.

This piece views the realization that our or ones enemies are ourselves and the devil. For he presents things that we are familiar, to deceive us. It may sound cliche but we are our own worst enemy. The imagery shows and individual facing a mirror looking at a dark reflection ( dark self),in deep contemplation trying to figure out if that's her true self.

Deception is one of the many cunnings of the devil that causes struggle against staying on the path of good, an example of a common deception is lying. Allowing ourselves to see pass this deception and false promise that was offered, we irradiate the illusion of supernatural control; for seeing it as good. As Ephesians 6 11 says "put on the whole armor of God to be able to resist the cunning of the devil". Therefore, we cannot go into a battle blinded or unprotected against evil even if we are unaware. So you must believe and be strong in the Lord to over come tribulations and stand our ground.

To survive such a battle, mere high- tech military weapons cannot suffice against the supernatural forces. We are the soldiers of Christ and to be good ones, we must be strong willed and possess the six divine weapons as mentioned in Ephesians 6 13:17. They are the belt of truth,the breastplate of righteousness, the shoe of readiness, the shield of faith, the helmet of salvation and the sword of the spirit ; which is the word of God. With all this divine power we must destroy the strongholds of non- human entities in the name of the one true God.


I will like to thank God for giving me the health and strength to be able to render this piece.

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This is an original art piece, oil on canvas. Contact me for further information at

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