Kristen Carletto


Kristen Carletto


I have only recently begun my journey as an artist and I am sure my style will continue to grow and evolve over the coming years. Our human connection with nature and animals is something that has always consumed and inspired me. My art, as a way of keeping nature close to my heart, is always done on pieces of wood. Birch, basswood, walnut, pine, and many more, have always been the shining stars of my wood burnings. The piece of wood in and of itself is just as important as the drawing burned into it. Most often, the piece of wood inspires the burning upon it. My work is centered around the calling of nature, our companionship with animals, and our deepest desires to connect with the world around us. My hope is to inspire others to take a moment and reflect on how we are all sewn together through this beautiful world full infinite forms of life.

I am 24, from Pittsburgh PA, and I am on a spiritual journey to better myself. Art helps me form connections with myself and with others and always inspires me to find joy and peace within.

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Instagram: @timberpixdesign


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Timber Pix Design

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