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Linda Rempel


Linda Rempel 2011 BFA drawing (with distinction) Whether it's drawing the body inside out or exploring and responding to the spiritual, emotional, psychological, or social aspects of life through paint, printmaking or some other medium, the subject of Linda's work decidedly revolves around the experience of being human. As an advocate for human wellbeing in all its forms, Linda has a growing interest in producing works of art that precipitate enlightenment through constructive individual and social change. The idea of developing visual art strategies based on empathetic participation and cathartic response, as a means to connect people more fully to themselves and to others, is of great interest to her. A significant aspect of her practice involves highlighting cultural patterns that contribute to human suffering and social disintegration. To discover what these patterns are, she takes note of reoccurring social issues reported in the media and then relies on statistics to determine how entrenched and widespread a problem is in a specific cultural context. This research method, although simple, broadens her understanding of human need and cultural conditions and is a standard procedure engaged in before addressing an issue or idea through an art project. Other interests and activities: As a member of Contextural, a Fibre Arts Co-operative, Linda participates in the Residencies and Exhibitions the group hosts in the summer. Her creative productions are marked with her signature label - Owl & Pen Artmakers Studio.

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Since I do not have a personal website at the moment, the best way to access my online presence to see my portfolio is through my linked in account. I can also be contacted by email - or cell phone (1) 403-465-2852

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Independent Research Artist

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