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Linda Rempel 2011 BFA drawing (with distinction) Whether it's drawing the body inside out or exploring and responding to the spiritual, emotional, psychological, or social aspects of life through paint, printmaking or some other medium, the subject of Linda's work decidedly revolves around the experience of being human. As an advocate for human wellbeing in all its forms, Linda has a growing interest in producing works of art that precipitate enlightenment through constructive individual and social change. The idea of developing visual art strategies based on empathetic participation and cathartic response, as a means to connect people more fully to themselves and to others, is of great interest to her. A significant aspect of her practice involves highlighting cultural patterns that contribute to human suffering and social disintegration. To discover what these patterns are, she takes note of reoccurring social issues reported in the media and then relies on statistics to determine how entrenched and widespread a problem is in a specific cultural context. This research method, although simple, broadens her understanding of human need and cultural conditions and is a standard procedure engaged in before addressing an issue or idea through an art project. Other interests and activities: As a member of Contextural, a Fibre Arts Co-operative, Linda participates in the Residencies and Exhibitions the group hosts in the summer. Her creative productions are marked with her signature label - Owl & Pen Artmakers Studio.


Everyday Dress


Mixed Media

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Artist Statement:
The Reconstruction of the Four Gospels

I am a Christian. I am also an artist. I believe in expressing and practicing my faith, both in how I live and through the work I create. I made the coat you see in the image I submitted for the Engage Art Contest out of New Testament Gospel Book pages. To make the coat, I first took apart an old family Bible. Then, I removed the binding from the pages and sewed them into one large sheet. After that, I refashioned the singular page into a garment. I made sure every little piece was included. The result, a coat, is small enough to fit a child. It stands upright without support in spite of the fact that it was fragmented and patched in the process of being created. Some may view this work as a craft or an artifact rather than a serious work of art. But when I look at it, I am reminded that like a raincoat in bad weather, God's Word and Presence can strengthen and uphold me to stand strong through the worst of storms. As a tactile visual reminder of my intimate connection and relationship with the divine, I value this piece for both its poetic and symbolic expression of my spiritual experience.

How it fits into contest

When I first began preparing for the contest, I read Ray Stedman’s book Spiritual Warfare. While considering his interpretation of what it means to stand, as stated in Ephesians 6:10-20, I saw in my mind's eye, a soldier whose entire diet consisted of junk food. The image startled me, and I realized how significant the appropriation of the Word of God is in the context of living a life of faith. Through further contemplation of the passage, I recognized the second key aspect of surviving a Spiritual Battle depends on the protective gear that is worn. The fact is, military personnel rarely provide for their own safety. In a spiritual sense, this situation applies also to soldiers of the cross. Christ provides protection.In fact He alone is our defence.

Because of the strong image of a soldiers' diet I had at first, I was tempted to depict contrasting images related to healthy and unhealthy diets in my Engage Art Contest submission response based on Ephesians 6: 10-20 My continued discomfort with the idea, however, kept me from going in that direction. Instead, I have chosen the EVERYDAY DRESS as my submission, which I feel much more succinctly describes the sense of commitment and surrender that comes with daily putting on the necessary garb of humility and trust involved in the act of laying down one's life to serve others in the trenches.


Linda Rempel

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Original work: $1500.00
3-D Fibre Art. Mixed Media Sculpture

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I am available to assist organizations and small groups to design and implement Meditative Visual art related tactile/hands on workshops, learning experiences, and prayer retreats for the purpose of spiritual development and healing

Will also consider commissions upon request

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