Linda Mahe


Linda Mahe


Linda has been painting on and off all her life, as child-rearing and work permitted, starting at Claremont School of Art and now devotes much of her time to it. Until now, however, her work has rarely been viewed by the public. She spent her professional career as a counsellor working initially in the cancer field, and more recently in women’s drug and alcohol dependence. She has a Master’s degree in Counselling and Psychotherapy. Many of her recent works are inspired by the experiences and emotions of the women whom she counselled. She took in their desperation and despair, their hopes and fears, their successes and failures, their incarcerations and their freedoms, their highs and lows. These raw emotions, empowered by the experiences of her clients, are embodied in her art. She portrays their deepest emotions with a rare clarity. As a viewer, one can almost feel the raw pain and suffering, and at times the joy of being released from the pain, of these women. Other works are more whimsical, of children and of life. Linda’s favoured medium is acrylic on linen.

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