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Professional Artist, Educator, Speaker & Community Engagement Worker - Marcelino DaCosta aka FrostFlow has been a practitioner and advocate of Hip-Hop culture since 1998. Founder of the internationally renown Ground illusionz - Hip-Hop Collective based out the G.T.A., Canada with membership & affiliation spanning worldwide to U.S.A, Taiwan, South Korea & Japan.

FrostFlow is internationally respected as a dynamically progressive and passionate signature B-Boy artist; performing and opening for legends such as: Maestro fresh Wes, Oscar Peterson, KRS One, A Tribe Called Red, Masia One, Grubson, Talib Kwali, Melle Mel & the Furious 5 etc. and has been featured on MUCH, Global, CBC, CTV, TVO & Rogers TV and various international broadcasts since 1999.

As a Canadian B-Boy champion, Frost has lead and trained members of his crew to win countless titles both locally and internationally over the last 20 years. Frost has personally coached and trained some of Canada’s top competitive local and international B-Boy champions, including: Anthony “Illz” Put, Brandon “Burn” Tumblod & Ali “Aladdin” Muhammad etc.

Frost has also earned his own esteemed solo titles with conviction and has set a foundation movement of deep influence in the history of the Canadian Hip-Hop scene: Ottawa “National Cypher Champ” 2008, Toronto “Style Champ”, 2008, “Absolute Canadian B-Boy” 2009, Toronto “TopRock Champ” 2010, “B-Boy Lifestyle” Award 2011, "Manifesto Arts education award" & Top nominations 2011-2013, "Skillz-O-Meter” National Champion 2012, "Manifesto Top Rock Champ" 2013, UBL top 4 in Toronto 2015-2018.

Along with competitive experience, Frost has also become a national ambassador, local leader and pioneer of many grassroots public health initiatives for youth including: "The Word Project" 2004’, "Behaviour Arts Fest" 2009-14’, "R.H.Y.T.H.M." & "Let Go Expo" 2011’, "Share Our Spirit" 2012-14,"The HUB” 2015-18, "STORYTiME" (Japan) 2015-18 , “Sauga Street Dance Summit” 2017 "Full Step Saga" 2016-2018; all while supporting and representing world recognized organizations & companies such as "BBoyizm", "UNITY Charity" & "BluePrint Pathways” as a performer, producer, program coordinator, facilitator, and senior staff. He has also been instructing for City Dance Corps since 2005 and officially has the longest running Breakin’ class in Toronto!

Frost currently shares knowledge of Hip-Hop Culture and promotes the arts through continual effort and inspiration on a multitude of platforms: From street-level to stage performance, to speaking at universities and along world-class innovators at TEDX. Frost Flow represents a definitive essence of his craft.

Marcelino DaCosta (Ground illusionz / Full Step Saga). Refer to Entrant / Artist Bio

Nereo Eutgenio II (Hidden Gems Productions)

Nereo Zorro otherwise known as Doktor Strange, Scenereo, is a multi disciplinary Art Force; Universal Art Explorer, Paint Splatterer, Word Wizard, Moving Picture Poet, Visionary, Teacher and student in the school of life. Nereo is founder of the Hidden Gems Arts Collective and the PRISM HOUSE PICTURES Multi-Media Company. Nereo’s mission is to continue developing a solid arts foundation to serve as a base for promoting honest expression, authenticity, community building, networking, healing, community growth, and worldwide beautification.

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Ground illusionz & Hidden Gems Production collaboration via FULLSTEPSAGA

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