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Onshonta Gavin


Son-Shyne was born and raised in Benton Harbor; a small town in southwest Michigan located on the lake. As the third child, she grew up in a single parent household with five other siblings. It was a hard knock life growing up, as she learned the meaning of the word "abuse" early on. Drug abuse, sexual abuse, and neglect became a normal way of life in her adolescent years. To escape the harsh and fatherless realities of childhood, Son-Shyne begin writing lyrics at age 12. Although she loved to write, she did not spend much time writing; consumed with the cares and disparities of life. Most of what she learned growing up was through trial and error and those closest to her caused her the most heartache, pain, and disappointment over the years.
Writing lyrics was therapy for Son-Shyne and although she would encounter criminal activity, promiscuity, and near-death experiences, God would not let her die in her sin. He always had His hedge of protection around her and He knew that one day she would find her way back to Him. Overcoming generational challenges, Son-Shyne became the first-generation college graduate in her maternal family. After her young adult life, she evolved as an artist and has established her way through righteousness and redemption. God used everything she has experienced in her life to His glory and many who are hopeless will find hope in Him because of His work through her lyricism. As a hip-hop artist, Son-Shyne has a profound message with a purpose to change the world one bar at a time.
Son-Shyne’s music is one of a kind. She is branded as one who endeavors to bring back the true meaning of hip-hop where love, community building, personal development and growth, social justice, and positive progressive change is the primary focus of life. She is an activist for empowering individuals to live out their greatest potential and her music transcends all generations and cultures. Throughout the course of her musical journey, Son-Shyne has won over the hearts of music lovers from all walks of life. She has earned the admiration and respect of many, serving as both inspiration and role model.

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Website: www.sonshyne365.wixsite.com/website
Email: sonshyne365@gmail.com
Facebook: @sonshyne365
Instagram: @son_shyne365
Twitter: @sonshyne365
Youtube: www.youtube.com/c/sonshyne

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