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Son-Shyne was born and raised in Benton Harbor; a small town in southwest Michigan located on the lake. As the third child, she grew up in a single parent household with five other siblings. It was a hard knock life growing up, as she learned the meaning of the word "abuse" early on. Drug abuse, sexual abuse, and neglect became a normal way of life in her adolescent years. To escape the harsh and fatherless realities of childhood, Son-Shyne begin writing lyrics at age 12. Although she loved to write, she did not spend much time writing; consumed with the cares and disparities of life. Most of what she learned growing up was through trial and error and those closest to her caused her the most heartache, pain, and disappointment over the years. Writing lyrics was therapy for Son-Shyne and although she would encounter criminal activity, promiscuity, and near-death experiences, God would not let her die in her sin. He always had His hedge of protection around her and He knew that one day she would find her way back to Him. Overcoming generational challenges, Son-Shyne became the first-generation college graduate in her maternal family. After her young adult life, she evolved as an artist and has established her way through righteousness and redemption. God used everything she has experienced in her life to His glory and many who are hopeless will find hope in Him because of His work through her lyricism. As a hip-hop artist, Son-Shyne has a profound message with a purpose to change the world one bar at a time. Son-Shyne’s music is one of a kind. She is branded as one who endeavors to bring back the true meaning of hip-hop where love, community building, personal development and growth, social justice, and positive progressive change is the primary focus of life. She is an activist for empowering individuals to live out their greatest potential and her music transcends all generations and cultures. Throughout the course of her musical journey, Son-Shyne has won over the hearts of music lovers from all walks of life. She has earned the admiration and respect of many, serving as both inspiration and role model.


Spiritual Warfare

Artist Statement

This video was created using the lyrics of my song and adding different effects to the words. I wanted to create a lyric video that incorporated the feel of a live performance, so I added live video footage clips from previous performances I have had. The rapid spin of the various clips at the beginning of the song portrays just how quickly life can spiral out of control if we are not conscientious of spiritual warfare and intentional about our response to it. The live performances continue as a blurred out background for the lyrics throughout the video. Although life and spiritual warfare is happening with the lyrics of the song, our work and ministries must continue; thus, the reason for the performances in the background. The message with this video and the body of work that I create is that we will have trouble, trials, and tribulations. There will be things that happen to us and around us that we might not understand; however, our work must always continue.

How it fits into contest

This work is the very essence of the Spiritual Battle found in Ephesians. There are many "things" going on with us and around us that sometimes question our faith. I address some of these things in the song, things such as neighborhoods and communities infested with gang violence and drugs that result in senseless deaths. Traumatized children from broken homes being bullied and committing suicide. A pandemic that has currently shut the entire world down killing hundreds of thousands of people. Oftentimes, our initial thought is to question God and why He would allow these "things" to happen if He loves us, but when we understand that we are in spiritual warfare wrestling against the spiritual forces of evil in this world, it puts matters into perspective. These "things" are not flesh and blood but they are the "spiritual forces of evil in this world." God gives us the responsibility to fight this Spiritual Battle and that's what this work embodies; our responsibility in this battle. Just as Paul encourages us in Ephesians to be strong in the Lord and put on the full armor of God, I encourage the listener to be strong in the Lord and put on the full armor of God, as a soldier who fears no evil. The "full armor" comes with a responsibility to "take your stand against the devil's schemes." In this song, I explain what it looks like to take a stand against some of the devil's schemes. God would not have us to put on "full armor" to stay in the walls of the church but God expects us to go out to the hedges of the highways and byways and compel them to come. This work fits into the contest topic because it deals with some of the current Spiritual Battles we are facing today. The song displays how truth, righteousness, and the shield of faith prepares us to take a stand against the devil's schemes of hatred, disease, and a lack of concern for the needs of others. This work gives us some viable methods and ways we can get involved with providing solutions to some of these spiritual battles. However, the first step in this process is to understand and recognize that we are most definitely in spiritual warfare.


Videographer: James Sims - Created the lyric video using the words from my song, adding special effects to the display of the words and various clips from live performances I've previously had.

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Physical or digital copies of the song will be given for free as a bonus track with the purchase of Son-Shyne's self-entitled EP Album. Digital copies of the EP album are sold on all digital platforms for $6.93. Digital music can be purchased where all online music is sold. Physical copies are sold for $6.00 plus $3.95 for shipping and will be sent directly to the customer. Customers will receive the song "Spiritual Warfare" as a free bonus track with the proof of purchase for Son-Shyne's EP Album. To request a physical copy of the EP Album or request the free bonus track for a digital purchase, please email If requesting the free bonus track, please send proof of purchase with your email. Thank you.

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Signature merchandise, live musical performances, keynote speaker, ghostwriter

Transcript / Lyrics

(Chorus Once)
It’s time, for spiritual warfare. It’s time, for spiritual warfare. Time for spiritual warfare yeah. You know its time, for spiritual warfare

(Verse One)
I’m a soldier in the army of almighty God,
I fear no evil thou art with me with thy staff & rod
Prepare a table in the presence of mine enemies,
commercialized societies, & all of these pretend to be’s
There is no time for make believe; spiritually,
we wrestle not against the flesh but principalities
Against the powers & the rulers of this wicked age,
perilous ways, we living in the last days
Having a form of godliness but denying its power,
Abba Father give us mercy no one knows the day or hour
He will return, I pray this be a lesson learned,
repent for all your sins and turn, & on His word we must stand firm
Finally brethren be strong in the Lord
take the helmet of salvation & the spiritual sword
Having in place, your breastplate, for righteousness sake,
with prayer and supplication got the shield of faith, be great

(Chorus Once)
It’s time, for spiritual warfare. It’s time, for spiritual warfare. Time for spiritual warfare yeah. You know its time, for spiritual warfare

(Verse Two)
Spiritual warfare, our neighborhoods infested with drugs,
and we killing one another cuz we lacking in love
Spiritual warfare, molested in a room of my home,
tortured by my mamas boyfriend cuz she left me alone
Spiritual warfare, our babies feeling empty inside,
being bullied at the school & committing suicide
To deal with the realness of mental illness & distress,
it will surely put your faith to the test
But if this warfare will ever be resolved
we gone hafta put on the armor of God & get involved
Under attack we gotta fight back this war on diseases,
there’s nothing that we lack, we got power in Jesus
Gotta get out the walls of the church,
to go & meet the people that’s on the street cuz they hurt
To go & meet the needs of the people treated like dirt
those in prison who’ll listen gotta tell em’ bout a Savior who’s risen
It’s time

(Chorus Once)
It’s time, for spiritual warfare. It’s time, for spiritual warfare. Time for spiritual warfare yeah. You know its time, for spiritual warfare

(Four Times)
Time for warfare

(Eight Times)
Spiritual warfare

(Chorus Twice)
It’s time, for spiritual warfare. It’s time, for spiritual warfare. Time for spiritual warfare yeah. You know its time, for spiritual warfare

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