Pamela Williams


Pamela Williams


Pamela Williams was born on August 21, 1970 in Vicksburg, Ms. Raised in Jacksonville, Fl, she received a BA degree in Business Administration from Edward Waters College in 2015. Pamela began writing skits for the youth at her church to be performed at youth bible conferences and for special programs. Her skits were always well received and it was suggested the she write a play. In 2011, she staged her first play entitled Decisions. Decisions was performed in front of a sold-out crowd. The play masterfully showed the battle between good and evil and sought to inspire the audience to do what is right even in times of anger and disappointment. She continued to stage inspirational plays, including I Don’t Smell Like What I Been Through 2012, an encore of Decisions 2013 and Sweet Coco 2014. After more than six years, Ms. Williams has resurfaced to enter the Engage Art Contest with her first completed short film project. Pamela is excited to be writing again and is currently working on a short film to be completed in the fall of 2020.

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