Artist bio

Pamela Williams was born on August 21, 1970 in Vicksburg, Ms. Raised in Jacksonville, Fl, she received a BA degree in Business Administration from Edward Waters College in 2015. Pamela began writing skits for the youth at her church to be performed at youth bible conferences and for special programs. Her skits were always well received and it was suggested the she write a play. In 2011, she staged her first play entitled Decisions. Decisions was performed in front of a sold-out crowd. The play masterfully showed the battle between good and evil and sought to inspire the audience to do what is right even in times of anger and disappointment. She continued to stage inspirational plays, including I Don’t Smell Like What I Been Through 2012, an encore of Decisions 2013 and Sweet Coco 2014. After more than six years, Ms. Williams has resurfaced to enter the Engage Art Contest with her first completed short film project. Pamela is excited to be writing again and is currently working on a short film to be completed in the fall of 2020.


Level the Battlefield



Artist Statement

Our story is about a widower (Mr. Blackmon) who finds himself still wallowing in grief one year after the loss of his wife. In addition to coping with the many phases of grief, he’s forced to raise their son alone, he struggles with unfair treatment on his job and perceived racism. Mr. Blackmon continues to attend counseling, but during this session, his Christian counselor (Ms. Shields) suggests he stop trying to fight his battles alone.
We face challenges as we navigate through life, some are the result of bad decisions, some are completely out of our control. Regardless of how difficult a situation may be or how we get to it, the way in which we respond to the challenge determines our peace. David was able to defeat Goliath because he put his faith in the Lord. David believed that the same God that defeated the lion and the bear would defeat Goliath. David stood before Goliath fearlessly. Mr. Blackmon will realize that self-medicating is only a temporary fix. He will realize that as long as he allows the devil to control him with grief, fear and anger, he will always be defeated. He will place his trust in the word of God and he will be covered with an armor that can never be penetrated. Enlisted in the army of the Lord, the devil will no longer be able to torment him with the pain of losing his wife, he may not have received the promotion he wanted, but he will get what God has for him in time. His son will be covered and guided by God’s protection and providence. God will defeat our enemies in ways that we can’t comprehend like changing the hearts of people you thought would never help you.
This film is about deliverance from a mindset of defeat. With God on our side the battlefield is leveled. We are soldiers in God’s army and we will never be defeated if we trust Him.

How it fits into contest

This film fits the Spiritual Battle found in Ephesians 6:10-20 because it addresses how carnal perceptions cause us to be burdened with worries of the flesh. It’s natural to feel hurt, disappointed and even anger but we must understand that we are wrestling with powers beyond what we can see or control. We try to explain our position, or question God’s timing, or try to fix our issues not realizing that there is war taking place in the spiritual realm that sets out to distract us from serving God. Depression easily paralyzes, destroying families and other relationships, anger can fester and cause physical and mental harm, hurt and disappointment can sever once vital connections and never allow for healing or forgiveness. We must realize that all evil is by design, the devil searches for those he can devour and use to do his bidding. His tactics are cunning and he is the ultimate deceiver, but GOD! God has the final say, we must trust His word. He will fight for us. The film shows how a man riddled with grief and despair used alcohol to soothe his mental unrest, but as his therapist suggested, he turned his problems over to the Lord and putting on the armor of God, he was able to defeat the devil. Not only will God defeat your enemies, He will sometimes change their hearts as in the case of Sofia. Sofia initially treated Mr. Blackmon with revulsion, but God changed her heart and gave her compassion. She could have called the cops, but Instead she offered him a ride home. If the word of God is ingested and dwelling in you richly, it will transform you because your mind will be renewed. This doesn’t mean that you won’t have trials and temptations, but you will be able to seek the Lord and His righteousness knowing that He will fight the battles for you.


Pamela Williams - Writer/Director/Producer/Costume Designer/Casting
Theadford Christian - Director of Photography/Video Editor
George Smith - Lead Cast
Sophia Angeliki - Supporting Cast
Candace Crumps - Supporting Cast
David Emanuel - Supporting Cast
Song credits - "Deliver Me" Written by Bryant K. Malone, Performed by Committed Acappella Chorus
"Lost and Found" Composer - Stephen Daniel Lemaire Publisher - El Murmullo, Universal Sarao

Transcript / Lyrics

Mr. Blackmon is seated on a couch. Mr. Shield is seated across from him in a chair.
MR. BLACKMON I can’t do any of this! I’ve been in counseling for a year and I can still hear her voice, (pause, sadly) calling to me. Why was she ripped from me like that? Why my wife?
MS. SHIELD Mr. Blackmon, death just is. Unfortunate situations happen and the pain can seem unbearable. Last week, there was a problem at your son’s school and before that, you didn’t get the promotion you wanted. You’re going to experience loneliness and even anger, but you have to let it go.
MR. BLACKMON I can’t do it. I just can’t do it.
MS. SHIELD No, You can’t do it. You’re trying to fight a battle that you can’t win on your own (pauses) Do you remember being a child and thinking that your mom or dad could fix anything?
MR. BLACKMON (laughs softly) Yeah.
MS. SHIELD I want you to recall being 6 years old and tell God all your problems and leave it alone.
MR. BLACKMON But I’m not 6 years old and I should be able to handle things like a man.
MS. SHIELD Just tell Him.
MR. BLACKMON Okay. (Shakes his head and shrugs) Sure can’t get any worse.
MS. SHIELD Just tell Him.
Mr. Blackmon hurriedly leaves the therapist’s office to get to his car.
Sofia passes Mr. Blackmon, clutches her purse, gives him a snide look
Mr. Blackmon keeps walking, looks at her emotionlessly and turns away
SOPHIA (to MS. SHIELD) Did you see a black man?
I’m sorry?
SOPHIA Okay, that came out wrong. I just passed a man on my way in, a black man, I was just wondering if he was being counseled here? Here (points) just like me.
MS. SHIELD I’m not sure who you’re referring to or why it’s relevant, but yes, I’m here to help everyone.
SOPHIA Do you only counsel for grief?
MS. SHIELD Primarily, yes. Most of my patients are here for grief counseling.
SOPHIA (softly, but audible)So he lost someone too, just like me.
MS. SHIELD Sophia, are you okay? Who are you referring to?
MR. BLACKMON is sitting in his car drinking, he nods and soon falls asleep. In dream, MR. BLACKMON exits the building, sees SOPHIA, as he continues to walk - change to a dark, smoky, tree filled battlefield. DEVI will be hiding in the trees taunting MR. BLACKMON.
Devi in the voice of the deceased wife calls out to him -Omitted
DEVI-DECEASED WIFE (female voice over) Ronnie, Ronnie- Omitted
MR. BLACKMON (Turns widely in search of his wife) Baby where are you, I’m right here.
DEVI in the voice of the boss
I’m sorry, we chose someone with more experience.
MR. BLACKMON (Sternly, continues to turn as if searching for the voices)
But I trained the whole department, who has more experience than me!?
Devi in the voice of the school administrator
Mr. Blackmon, if your son wants to continue to attend this school, he’ll have to
(CONT'D) MR. BLACKMON (Interjects, Sternly)
He’ll have to what? I pay the same tuition everyone else pays, stop picking on my son…he’s just a child, he’s just a child (sobbing, drops to his knees, head in his hands) he’s a child
DEVI in the voice of the bartender, as he slowly makes himself visible
DEVI - BARTENDER This ones on me. (he extends a drink to MR. BLACKMON)
As MR. BLACKMON reaches for the drink, the Devi pours the drink out and grabs MR. BLACKMON.
DEVI - DECEASED WIFE Come to me Ronnie. - Omitted
MR. BLACKMON begins to give up.
MR. BLACKMON (sorrowfully, reaching for his wife) Mona.
The Devi drags MR.BLACKMON. MR. BLACKMON begins to remember all the words of the counselor. Take your burdens to the Lord, Put on the whole armor of God. - Omitted
As MR. BLACKMON remembers the words of the counselor, the armor floats down and affixes to him. He breaks free from the Devi and they begin to fight. Omitted
The Devi is defeated, with every punch, the demons that plagued MR. BLACKMON are destroyed.
MR. BLACKMON is seated in the car, head leaned back.
SOPHIA has a bright light and is shining it into the car as she knocks on the car window.
MR. BLACKMON is awakened by the knocking. He thinks it’s a policeman and prepares himself to be fearless.
MR. BLACKMON (rolls down the window and puts his hands out)
You can see my hands, I’m not reaching for anything.
SOPHIA Yes, I can see your hands.
MR. BLACKMON Lady, I thought you were a cop, what do you want?
SOPHIA I saw you earlier and um, well I don’t think you should be siting in your car passed out. Do you need a ride home?
SOPHIA helps MR. BLACKMON walk to her car

Deliver Me
Written by Bryant K. Malone
Performed by Committed Acappella Chorus
The words used in the film “Level the Battlefield” are as follows:

Scene description -
Mr. Blackmon is dreaming and encounters Devi in the forest.

Lyrics -
Alright yall, yall ready to go to war?, yeah You? Yeah
Are you ready, this aint no play thing, I know
You scared? Are you scared? Listen
Looking in the eyes of the enemy, I aint got one thing fear
For God is with me, oh yeah
Oh Lord you’re my rock you’re my fortress, my deliverer
That’s why I put my faith in thee

Scene description –
Mr. Blackmon awakes from his dream, startled by Sophia knocking on his window.

Lyrics -
I’m a soldier, In God’s army, Fighting for the right
With God on my side, there’s nothing I can’t win
I’m a soldier!

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