LorI Rafferty


I have been an artist as long as I can remember. My B.S. degree from CSU-P is in Sociology/Criminology and a minor in art. After retiring from my position with my county, I opened my own studio (Cave) where I complete and show most of my pieces. I also instruct groups and one-on-one. I love working with unique mediums, which have included painting a 50 ft. grain silo, working with human/pet ash, concrete, forks, bones, rocks, and using coffee as paint. I also use traditional mediums. Our world is culturally rich. There is so much to see and draw inspiration from! I draw inspiration from humor, human expression and every single thing around me. I am a current member and former president of Steel City Thunder #631, which is our local chapter of Christian Motorcyclist's Association. If I move only one person with my art, then I have succeeded.

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719-250-8236 or 719-250-4965

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Anyone CANvas!

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