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I have been an artist as long as I can remember. My B.S. degree from CSU-P is in Sociology/Criminology and a minor in art. After retiring from my position with my county, I opened my own studio (Cave) where I complete and show most of my pieces. I also instruct groups and one-on-one. I love working with unique mediums, which have included painting a 50 ft. grain silo, working with human/pet ash, concrete, forks, bones, rocks, and using coffee as paint. I also use traditional mediums. Our world is culturally rich. There is so much to see and draw inspiration from! I draw inspiration from humor, human expression and every single thing around me. I am a current member and former president of Steel City Thunder #631, which is our local chapter of Christian Motorcyclist's Association. If I move only one person with my art, then I have succeeded.





Artist Statement

This original acrylic piece derives from a dream, which I started having more than 5 years ago. It was recurring and was intriguing to say the least. I could see only a man’s face with a deep blued darkness behind him. While I did not see much, I can say it was not alarming and in fact was calming. I knew he was reaching but only by sense-not with anything visual at first. I just knew I was supposed to use this somehow as a tool. I would not realize until much later the meaning, at least for myself. The beauty of it is its diverse interpretation. In early 2019, I stretched loose canvas to my studio wall and began painting. I knew certain colors were needed. Indigo, coppers, turquoise and a host of other blues, and violets. I had no solid plan on what I would paint each time, until I was painting it. As I stepped back each time after working on it, I would get a glimpse of where it was taking me. First his eyes were to be dark, then they were more lavender gray. The vast sky behind him became representative of everything universal which gave a sense of unity. The sky broke apart in brush strokes and it was clear that he shoulders wings. As the water became apparent, so did the contrast between dark and light. His coppery tunic reflects the light from the cleansing holy water disallowing darkness to interfere with His light. The plants bare healing elements. The sphere is life itself. A messenger brings peace and hope. He brings preparation. It comes in whatever form we need at any given time. These dreams started prior to many losses in my life. Prior to understanding my own battles to come. You do not have heaven without hell. You do not come clean without getting your knees dirty. Sin must exist before repentance occurs. Oh, night divine comes to mind. This was the most spiritual and emotionally charged piece I have ever completed.

How it fits into contest

As Ephesians speaks of the battles and wearing the full armor of God, I do not see this in the literal sense with tangible sword and armor. I see instead wrapping oneself in the full armor of the gospel. The Word is all telling and truthful. It prepares each of us for all of life’s battles. Whether they be physical, emotional, contrived, political and/or spiritual. It strengthens us in faith. It demonstrates the difference in our walk from darkness into warmth of God’s light. Satan comes for us who carry the sword of righteousness and truth. In this painting, the subject has his back to the darkness as he steps into the inviting holy waters to baptize into the truth. This painting depicts its message in its large size as well as in the vision itself. In his hand is the offer of the miracle of life. Behind him he shields us from unknown evil in the darkness. He brings the message of truth. He welcomes us into the water unconditionally and lifts us into the faith. He is an angel delivering a message of need for us to prepare for battles to come. The plant life would indicate life as well as their spiritually healing properties, but they are also sparse and baren as there is a hunger and more need as these battles increase.
In addition to Ephesians, I would reference:
Jeremiah 1:19 (NKJV)
“They will fight against you, but they shall not prevail against you. For I am with you, to deliver you.” Says the Lord
And 2 Baruch of the Apocrypha:
Jeremiel is described as an eighth archangel. Jeremiel arrives to interpret Baruch’s vision of dark water as human sin and all the destruction that follows. The bright water represents God’s unconditional intervention and rescue of humankind. Jeremiel tells Baruch in 2 Baruch 71:3 that “I have come to tell you these things because your prayer has been heard with the Most High.”


My Father and my dad.

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This piece will be made available for purchase at a later date. Please contact the artist for further details. Cost $2,000 plus shipping and insurance as applicable.

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I provide instruction through my business Anyone CANvas! I also accept commissions and have individual pieces available for purchase. Please contact me at 719-250-8236 or 719-250-4965. I am located in Southern Colorado.

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