René Jean Picardson


René Jean Picardson


I am René Jean Picardson, I am 19 years old. For this moment I practice drawing as a speciality in plastic art. I am from "Jeremie" , "Grand'anse" in Haiti. I started drawing since my childhood and so far it is a passion for me. This passion has grown in me over the years, along with an exponential progression. I am a self-taught artist that said. I practice drawing in my spare time, outside my studies. Currently, I am studying in business management, that take up most of my time.
I make portraits and others artworks, among my artworks, the most significant for me are: "L'O-2LA" and "mutual aid ". Through "L'O-2LA" I wanted to Express when we are in the depths of our thoughts and feelings, we are no longer of the materialist world. And for "mutual aid" I wanted to express that mutual aid is the essential element to build a better world.
I am an artist attached to artistic trends: realism and surrealism. For me it's the best way to make people feel real emotions through arts.
Presently my works are not marketed and exhibited in galleries, being young I work hard to climb the ladder.

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Instagram: @picart.son

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