Artist bio

I am René Jean Picardson, I am 19 years old. For this moment I practice drawing as a speciality in plastic art. I am from "Jeremie" , "Grand'anse" in Haiti. I started drawing since my childhood and so far it is a passion for me. This passion has grown in me over the years, along with an exponential progression. I am a self-taught artist that said. I practice drawing in my spare time, outside my studies. Currently, I am studying in business management, that take up most of my time. I make portraits and others artworks, among my artworks, the most significant for me are: "L'O-2LA" and "mutual aid ". Through "L'O-2LA" I wanted to Express when we are in the depths of our thoughts and feelings, we are no longer of the materialist world. And for "mutual aid" I wanted to express that mutual aid is the essential element to build a better world. I am an artist attached to artistic trends: realism and surrealism. For me it's the best way to make people feel real emotions through arts. Presently my works are not marketed and exhibited in galleries, being young I work hard to climb the ladder.


"D-Siscetanre wetenbe yad nad yad-D"



Artist Statement

Materials used:
Graphite pencils (B, 2B, 4B, 6B), graphite sticks ( 6B, 8B), mechanical pencil, bread crumb eraser, handcrafted mono zero eraser, handcrafted tortillon, stumb, drawing paper 180 g/m² ( Canson), colored pencils (peacock green, grass green, dark brown, poppy red, crimson red, canary yellow an white)

This artwork is a surrealist drawing that comes from my imagination, inspired by Ephesians 6: 10-20. In order to materialize and give surrealism to it, I used several pictures (free to use), carefully modified so that the harmonization can be kept. No physical person is targeted, that's why there's no face drawn.
Towards an understanding of the title:
I wanted to create an effect of suspense in the title that I was going to give to my artwork, in order to catch the curiosity of the spectators. This is why I formed an anagram with the words that make up the sentence "Resistance between D-day and V-day", hence "D-Siscetanre wetenbe yad nad yad-D"

How it fits into contest

This artwork expresses succinctly the content of biblical passage from Ephesians 6: 10-20. The artwork 's major print is a man in a defensive position. The latter is protected by the forearms as a shield and fortified with the hands holding a balance powered by a luminous bible and a heart, which illustrates the power and the weapons that the lord puts at our disposal to fight with the forces of evil. It is about a spiritual fortification because the illustrated man has no weapon against the world. He defends himself against the snakes coming from a dark background. It shows that we are fighting against darkness forces, that's why we need the power and the arsenal of the almighty (In verses 10-14).
In fact, what do we find in God's arsenal that helps us fighting the spirits of darkness?
This artwork gives the answer to that question, inspired by the verses 14-17, a justice well balanced and an enlighten arc that holds the illustrated man. This arc is used to represent the true Gospel, it's the very first first weapon that are talked about in (Ephesians 6: 14-17) to fight against the darkness: "stand your ground, putting on the belt of truth and the body armor of God's righteousness ". The scale is equipped, on one hand with a bible that represents God's word, a powerful weapon. And on the other hand, with a heart as a sign of our faith in God's word.
In the three last verses (18-20), we are talked about a last weapon that is prayer. The latter is illustrated by hands in prayer position.

Others details
Each snake is placed in a strategic position: the snake that is near the heart means that the devil always wants to make us lose our faith in God. The one that is near the scale means that the devil wants to unbalance God's justice just to cause conflicts between us. Finally, the one that is attacking the hands in prayer posture means the evil spirit usually want to persecute God's children.
There are two chains that become a "V" in the scale. That "V" symbolizes a chalice, referencing to holy grail, a sacred vase that held the blood of the Christ. In the artwork, the snake incapable of getting to the "V", bends towards the heart to attack our faith in God.
In the period between the D-day and the V-day, us, sons of God must withstand any forms of temptations from the devil with the weapons that God gave to us.


Special thanks to my family, some close friends for their support, and to my friend Leila who took care of English translation for me.

How to Purchase this Artwork

Original: $250 us
Copy: $150 us

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