Rhuelle Cadogan


Rhuelle Cadogan


Rhuelle is an artist whose art is inspired by her passion for hairstyling and beauty. Being a licensed cosmetologist with a degree in Business Management, has afforded her the opportunity to draw inspiration from her multi-disciplinary skillset.

Her love for drawing and creative sketching was etched within her heart from a very tender age. This artistic love was rekindled and she begun pursuit for the art form once more due to the pandemic period. Heavy restrictions were placed upon her business and in seeking the Lord for direction, he began to rebirth in her the passion for drawing which she had long buried as a child.

Sketching has now become one of her favorite things to do. It continues to teach her that indeed in areas where she thinks she is weak, that's where strength lies.

Best Contact Method

Instagram: @buttonbaett
Email: bbaett@gmail.com

Business Name/Organization

Button Bae TT

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