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Rhuelle is an artist whose art is inspired by her passion for hairstyling and beauty. Being a licensed cosmetologist with a degree in Business Management, has afforded her the opportunity to draw inspiration from her multi-disciplinary skillset. Her love for drawing and creative sketching was etched within her heart from a very tender age. This artistic love was rekindled and she begun pursuit for the art form once more due to the pandemic period. Heavy restrictions were placed upon her business and in seeking the Lord for direction, he began to rebirth in her the passion for drawing which she had long buried as a child. Sketching has now become one of her favorite things to do. It continues to teach her that indeed in areas where she thinks she is weak, that's where strength lies.




Mixed Media

Artist Statement

This piece was created using graphite powder, as well as real hair and an earring was attached.

As mentioned in my bio, I am a cosmetologist, specializing in hair and makeup artistry. I must admit that I absolutely love the hairstyles of my chosen muse, so I could not resist the urge to attach real hair to this piece. It made me extremely happy during this process because I felt like I was actually doing her hair. (She also saw my artwork via my social media account and she was extremely pleased 😀). This piece has thought me and amazed me, of how God can use your talents to bless others when you rely on his strength.

I also produce hand-painted earrings to sell at my studio salon, so I thought it only fitting to incorporate it into the piece. The earring was made out of Wood and Resin.

How it fits into contest

The shaded background portion of this piece relates to the fact that we’re surrounded by a darkness that desires to consume us, whether we like it or not. In the world, in our families or in our own lives. I look around and indeed we are living in an “evil day”. It’s a battle that we would have to fight in order to come out stronger every, single day.

As a child of God, I have come to understand that spiritual battles can never be conquered through physical actions. The stance and position of my muse dictates that, we must stand for what we believe in and set our face as a flint. We must not be afraid to walk into dark areas or circumstances, as the very power of God within us, would shine forth and begin to penetrate the darkness, as shown by the lighter portion of the background.

The armoured earring design on this piece is significant because we need to guard what we allow to come through our ear gate. If faith comes by hearing the Word of God, then we must guard what we hear as if our very lives depend upon it.

The Word of God is like a sword and is a very powerful weapon for us. As we listen to more and more of God’s word, his truth penetrates and begins to uphold our walk with him. Our hearts become protected as we begin to know that we have right standing with God. The more we hear, the more inclined we are to spend time in prayer and go forth and boldly share this gospel of peace. We would also know how to quench whatever lies and tactics the enemy sends our way.

The splattered red on this earring design represents what Jesus has done for us on the cross. If not for his grace, we would not have the opportunity for salvation. Knowing that you can be forgiven by what he has done, covers and protects our minds from condemnation.

Even so, our lives should be Armoured by the Word of God. This is where the victory for this spiritual fight lies!


Myself, Rhuelle Cadogan - chose the muse, designed the sketch and incorporated all the elements.
My husband, Shemuel Cadogan contributed in the Color Choice and Inspired the earring design.

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This is an original piece. Dimensions are 11 by 14 inches. I can be contacted via email or Instagram for further details.

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