Safiya Rodulfo


Safiya Rodulfo


Lover of life and art
I believe God, science, spirituality and art goes hand in hand and that we can't have one without the other, believe history is important in this great future because we can't forget our past.
Even though it isn't portrayed correctly in our history books.

My name is Safiya Rodulfo from Trinidad and Tobago I am 21 years old I have a kind heart and soul I believe in the good of people. Deeply spiritual, dedicated, hardworking, detail oriented and extremely humble. A young self thought artist who at this time doesn't have a lot of experience but my work do speak volumes. I believe in myself and I want to become a world-renowned artist. I feel as though this is my calling, there's nothing else that makes me feel complete, I strongly believe that the work I do and the things I feel is greater than me. I am supposed to educate people through my art, Inspire and push them to do and be better, a better kinder generation and to be open minded to our limitless realities

Painting is a process and I'm honoured every time I'm in the zone. Sometimes I feel as though creativity is a spirit and you have to catch it while it's passing next to you and pull in into yourself in order to create properly. It may pass through you while you're not near your equipment... that's when you reach for it, pull it back in and hold on to it as long as possible and create blissfully. Most times I believe I'm being guided by our creator, like if he or she is taking control of my hand and mind because there are times I don't know what I'm doing but I keep the faith and let him or her work

In 2014 I won the national BP high school art competition against several schools which were judged by Leroy
Clarke, Che Lovelace, Rebecca Foster and other local artists

"Crimson skies" is a small part of how I think about the world, to this day most of my paintings and ideas are spiritually based and connected to nature history and ancient geometry which is the base of all things (atoms)

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Instagram handle: safiya.the.artist_

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