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Biography: SANDY WISECUP’s art calling and career began innocently enough with her first simple crayon drawings at age three while sitting on her family”s cabin floor on a ranch in the high rocky mountains of Colorado. SANDY especially delighted in drawing portraits of people and horses. She would take her completed self-declared masterpieces outside to share with an audience of ranch horses whom she was certain enjoyed her artistic endeavors as much as she did. Her lifelong passion for creating art has never wavered, nor has her favorite subject matter being people and horses. Her passion, however, has blossomed into an art profession and her internationally recognized award winning watercolor paintings and bronze sculptures are now shared on a grander scale with unimaginably far reaching audiences, far beyond the family horse pasture, to places like the Buckingham Palace Mall (Gallery) in London, England, where she was honored to exhibit alongside some of the best equine artists in the world. WISECUP’s professional art career has spanned more than three decades and her works have also been exhibited in fine art galleries and art museums all across the United States as well as the United Kingdom. Her art hangs in both private and corporate collections around the world. Sandy has been honored by her peers with signature memberships in various nationally recognized art organizations. SANDY WISECUP’s work can be viewed at

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