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Biography: SANDY WISECUP’s art calling and career began innocently enough with her first simple crayon drawings at age three while sitting on her family”s cabin floor on a ranch in the high rocky mountains of Colorado. SANDY especially delighted in drawing portraits of people and horses. She would take her completed self-declared masterpieces outside to share with an audience of ranch horses whom she was certain enjoyed her artistic endeavors as much as she did. Her lifelong passion for creating art has never wavered, nor has her favorite subject matter being people and horses. Her passion, however, has blossomed into an art profession and her internationally recognized award winning watercolor paintings and bronze sculptures are now shared on a grander scale with unimaginably far reaching audiences, far beyond the family horse pasture, to places like the Buckingham Palace Mall (Gallery) in London, England, where she was honored to exhibit alongside some of the best equine artists in the world. WISECUP’s professional art career has spanned more than three decades and her works have also been exhibited in fine art galleries and art museums all across the United States as well as the United Kingdom. Her art hangs in both private and corporate collections around the world. Sandy has been honored by her peers with signature memberships in various nationally recognized art organizations. SANDY WISECUP’s work can be viewed at





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"Psalms" is a transparent watercolor painting on cold pressed paper. The image is of an open Bible, opened to the book of Psalms and specifically to Psalm 25 through 27. These Psalms speak of protection, pardon, guidance, integrity and a fearless trust in God. A suit of armor fit for any Spiritual Battle. A man's prayerfully folded hands rest on these Words of encouragement and promise as he converses with the Author and Mighty God behind the The Words he has just embedded in his heart.

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My watercolor painting, “Psalms” images what I believe is the foundation, the basics necessary for building and preparing us to be an unwavering warrior who can stand courageously in the Spiritual Battles we face daily. To be an effective soldier a person must receive the best training available, we must fully know and fully trust our leader’s strengths and wisdom and we must be able to recognize the enemy and his prowess.
How can we as warriors in God’s army train and prepare? How do we not succumb to attacks from an enemy we can’t even see? By making an all out effort to know Who we serve and worship. To know His strengths, to know Him personally as Leader, Protector, Provider, and loving Father. His Word is written to us to help us learn and become founded in the truths that we are loved and highly valued and that we will never be left to our own devices to stand against any attack of the enemy, invisible or not. We become confident with each piece of the armor we acquire through our journey in getting to know Him. We know that each piece of armor is for our confidence and protection as we stand with Him in every Spiritual Battle. It is through His strength and power that we can stand steadfastly, to not run away, to courageously trust and know He has more power than the enemy. We get this unfathomable courage from knowing Him and His Word, holding His Word firmly in our hearts and minds and knowing the Word is the one weapon that will always defeat the enemy.
When we talk freely with Him we strengthen our faith. We learn we can openly confide in Him, ask questions, express our fears and doubts, and share our hopes and dreams. We grow closer to Him Who genuinely cares, has the answers, encourages, and Who always, always, has our back.

“I can do all things (which He has called me to do) through Him Who strengthens and empowers me (to fulfill His purpose - I am self-sufficient in Christ’s sufficiency; I am ready for anything and equal to anything through Him Who infuses me with inner strength and confident peace.) Philippians 4:12. Amplified Bible


My Lord God and Saviour
Roy Wisecup, my husband, my love, my friend and my favorite dashingly handsome model

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