Sarah Dresser


Sarah Dresser has always loved art and creativity, but walked in a lot of "I can'ts" and fear during her childhood and teen years. She felt like she could do more, but didn't know how to get there from where she was at. Sarah really started painting while she was in college after taking her first art class. In class she began to "see" better while outside of class God was teaching her how to use art to express her feelings, thoughts, and heal from some deep hurts. Sarah realized that she was created to create and help others create. She also began wondering what it would look like to use art in ministry and worship. Sarah has been creating art and helping others create now for almost 20 years. Her creating and helping others create has looked very different over the years from working with children at camp to leading college students in a refugee camp in Thailand to facilitating art with adults in her community. Currently Sarah works as an artist with Proskuneo Ministries in Clarkston, Georgia, USA. She also sells original art, prints, and commissions.

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