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Artist bio

Sarah Dresser has always loved art and creativity, but walked in a lot of "I can'ts" and fear during her childhood and teen years. She felt like she could do more, but didn't know how to get there from where she was at. Sarah really started painting while she was in college after taking her first art class. In class she began to "see" better while outside of class God was teaching her how to use art to express her feelings, thoughts, and heal from some deep hurts. Sarah realized that she was created to create and help others create. She also began wondering what it would look like to use art in ministry and worship. Sarah has been creating art and helping others create now for almost 20 years. Her creating and helping others create has looked very different over the years from working with children at camp to leading college students in a refugee camp in Thailand to facilitating art with adults in her community. Currently Sarah works as an artist with Proskuneo Ministries in Clarkston, Georgia, USA. She also sells original art, prints, and commissions.





Artist Statement

“Held” is a montage of moments in a girl’s life, my life. There are three images in one: a girl clinging to her dad, an embrace from arms behind her, and a hand lovingly holding her face. These images can be seen as separate moments from the girl's life, but the images can also be viewed as distinct embraces from the same moment.

The girl clinging to her dad’s leg is inspired by Romans 12:9-10 “Love must be sincere. Hate what is evil; cling to what is good. Be devoted to one another in love. Honor one another above yourselves.” As I was thinking about “clinging to what is good,” I pictured a little girl clinging to her dad’s leg. That is good and a good place to be. That embrace offers peace, security, protection even when it's dark all around. She is held.

In moments of distress, pain, joy, or thankfulness, I often hold my hands over my heart. As I was sketching this image, I was imagining God’s arms enwrapping me. Feeling the Spirit’s hands over mine holding me tight. I am held.

The third image is Jesus' scarred hand holding her face while lovingly looking at her face, my face, our faces. You can see his hair, his crown of thorns, and his glory in the upper righthand corner. He holds space for us.

The swirls of colors are some of the unseen spiritual powers around us. The Holy Spirit's presence and work in our lives is more prominent than dark forces of blacks and grays though both are present. The swirl of color includes God’s glory, the Spirit’s healing power, royalty, and the cleansing work in our lives. The blue and greens in the girl’s shirt represent life, growth, and renewal.

“Held” is acrylic paint on canvas. I typically work in acrylic or mixed media. There are two basic types of work that I do: art that is symbolic worship or processing art AND art that is more about beauty, peace, and creation, but is less intentionally symbolic. “Held” fits the style of my personal processing and worship art. It uses a lot of movement, texture, symbolism of color, and is inspired by specific moments of my life and journey. It reminds me of who I am, where I have been, and who God is in my life.

How it fits into contest

“Held” reminds us of the unseen powers and forces around us. In this battle, I am reminded and need to be reminded that it is God's Spirit at work in and around me that keeps me from being overtaken by the darkness. I need to be reminded and help remind others that the best place for us to be is holding onto the Father and being held by God. I am reminded Jesus is the beginner and perfecter of our faith. I need to draw near as His Spirit shields me and my heart.

How to Purchase this Artwork

Cost: $150

Other Goods & Services Available from this Artist

I have art for sale on my website at and my Instagram ( beyondart_ ) shows what I am currently working on. I am available for commissions and personalized art. I also teach basic art and journaling classes.

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