Shakhouri Thompson


Shakhouri Thompson


Shakhouri Thompson started playing the saxophone on his 12th birthday at the Alleyne school in Bridgetown Barbados(CARIBBEAN) under the tutelage of Gary goodridge and legendary saxophonist Arturo tappin .Since his introduction to music and fusing it with his caribbean roots and being influenced by gospel music he has won (the bronze medal at the Nifca Arts Performance competition at the age of 15) ...Most original and impactful Musical piece as well as third place at the spirit of the nation show at 18.. Has opened the reggae on the hill festival in barbados with the barbados Community College music program (kirk layne ensemble) and performed at various events from gospel concerts to bajarama and honey jazz/JAM Barbados

Justin Went whose personal brand is (jujuwonderer) is an extraordinary freelance videographer/Content Creator who travels the world creating content for 5 star chefs to digital/serial entrepreneurs and Fashion brands as well as music videos, no matter the project size or vision he just gets to work and meets the required needs and standard without hesitation giving his all
Charmaine Burke started dancing at the age of 10 and is currently a part time Professional Dancer whose passion in that area of the arts from a tender age has led her to be the captain of the Lodge School Barbados Chair Leading team. Since then she has Danced/Performed at many of the islands most prestigious and largest events from Honey jazz to christmas jazz to Gospel feast and almost all of the island's massive carnival events because of all of these different settings and situations and exposures of different genres of dance/music she has gained a reputation for being both consistent/knowledgeable and very versatile in many areas

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Instagram @rich_kid_thompson_

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Rich Kid Thompson Productionz

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