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Shakhouri Thompson started playing the saxophone on his 12th birthday at the Alleyne school in Bridgetown Barbados(CARIBBEAN) under the tutelage of Gary goodridge and legendary saxophonist Arturo tappin .Since his introduction to music and fusing it with his caribbean roots and being influenced by gospel music he has won (the bronze medal at the Nifca Arts Performance competition at the age of 15) ...Most original and impactful Musical piece as well as third place at the spirit of the nation show at 18.. Has opened the reggae on the hill festival in barbados with the barbados Community College music program (kirk layne ensemble) and performed at various events from gospel concerts to bajarama and honey jazz/JAM Barbados Justin Went whose personal brand is (jujuwonderer) is an extraordinary freelance videographer/Content Creator who travels the world creating content for 5 star chefs to digital/serial entrepreneurs and Fashion brands as well as music videos, no matter the project size or vision he just gets to work and meets the required needs and standard without hesitation giving his all Charmaine Burke started dancing at the age of 10 and is currently a part time Professional Dancer whose passion in that area of the arts from a tender age has led her to be the captain of the Lodge School Barbados Chair Leading team. Since then she has Danced/Performed at many of the islands most prestigious and largest events from Honey jazz to christmas jazz to Gospel feast and almost all of the island's massive carnival events because of all of these different settings and situations and exposures of different genres of dance/music she has gained a reputation for being both consistent/knowledgeable and very versatile in many areas


Journey Of Prayer

Artist Statement

In terms of the creation/composition of the music... i practised the beat on a drum pad first until it matched what i was envisioning and hearing as it relates to my own personal journey and me reading the text.Then i recorded the cellos/double bass first followed by the beat ... The melody from the Saxophone followed as i layered it at key points for harmony and dynamics.. in all 32 tracks were created. I then listened over and over making sure that the composition was telling a story and lining up with the adventure/ journey feeling/vibe and energy that i wanted.
As soon as i was satisfied with the entire track i mixed and mastered it and exported it to the Director/videographer. We then had a meeting over the phone and discussed all the ideas that came to our minds for the music video and then we got to work. Scenes were shot from several places and parishes of the island/country to help with our story telling over the course of three days with the dancer joining us on the third day and that was the process/summary from the beginning to the end of the composition and music video creation.
The reason why i called the song journey of prayer is because at every stage in our lives two words that are relevant are Prayer and journey
This is what the spiritual battle found in Ephesians 6:10-20 honestly says to me

How it fits into contest

I see life in general as a movie/Journey filled with down times and up times and i see my spiritual walk with God the same way and at each point we need prayer,faith,commitment,determination and discipline to get us to the next level.Every up time has an equal low which carries us to the next level builds character and gets us more in tune with God and his word.As i red from verse 10 to 20 i was like god how do i translate your text into how u make me feel and how this text make me feel .. which led from one thing to the other.. and it suddenly hit me Jesus's life was the perfect example of how we should live act and copy as best as we can for he is the best example of what we should strive to be like out of all the great characters and people in the bible after all he wire the full armour of his father. Me taking out my saxophone out of its case represents me being selected from god to receive my voice(aka talent). which leads to me having a big decision to make.Praise God and glorify him or serve the world ... and at every point in my journey my decision represents each video clip just as our decisions in the real world effects our direction .The rocky cliffs and rough seas represents the rough areas and struggle in my life and me with out the armour of God as i battle against the dark forces on my own.The trees and plants represents prosperity as well as me acquiring the belt of truth as God leads me to a new places... the dancer represents the holy spirit guiding me along and helping me to not only find all the pieces of the armour of God but to wear them always and keep it worn and that is why in the shots i am alway behind her ( you can actually see me moving along with her from clip to clip as we journey through the vegetation and greenlands (on the path ) in some of the scenes.The savannah/grasslands represents all the people who are in this journey with God and i because i think the most important thing to remember is even though we all have individual movies/journey we are all in this together.As one of my pastors once said a soldier/sailor with all the armour and all the gear with no guide/compass at sea or sense of direction will eventually perish but a soldier/sailor with all armour and a compass/guide and has sense of direction will always survive and overcome no matter what as well as lead his crew to safety. Also the video scenes with me in the tree represents me praying to God in heaven ( the sunlight peeping through represents Gods holiness and righteousness as he blesses me and communicates with me directly or indirectly in conclusion my music video is all about the journey,the process the many different stages of the spiritual battle.
In terms of the music/composition i choice Rap/hiphop with a dash of classical (cellos and double bass with the spice of film music influence and the saxophone because this spiritual war is filled with a lot of suspense and really really serious.
Cellos/Double Bass represent the suspense that is in our journey and fight against the powers of darkness
Hip/Hop beat/percussion represents the serious of the situation
The saxophone represents my voice in this dark world as i fight to get others to see the truth as well as inspire, motivate, impact, bless and heal others through the power and grace of God


Composer- Shakhouri Thompson
Director/videographer/Editor- Justin Went
Dancer- Charmaine Burke

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