Suzy Morris


New Mexico based painter, Suzy Morris, has been developing her artistic skills since college in the mid 1980’s. She studied scenic painting while earning a BFA and went on to design and paint in science museum environments, for a cathedral restoration, in residential environments, and for a live action theater. Suzy’s interest in watercolor began in 1999 studying art history while earning an AAS in Graphic Design, and later with architectural rendering classes earning a Basic CAD Certificate in 2016. Suzy now uses her past graphic design experience, painting and rendering skills as well as her interest in color theory and layered transparency to merge letterforms and images into meaningful designs.

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Please feel free to view my online portfolio, find my contact information, and download a price list at my website. I also invite you to view my brand new Instagram page (April 2022) featuring my Christian art and calligraphy at: Thank you!

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