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New Mexico based painter, Suzy Morris, has been developing her artistic skills since college in the mid 1980’s. She studied scenic painting while earning a BFA and went on to design and paint in science museum environments, for a cathedral restoration, in residential environments, and for a live action theater. Suzy’s interest in watercolor began in 1999 studying art history while earning an AAS in Graphic Design, and later with architectural rendering classes earning a Basic CAD Certificate in 2016. Suzy now uses her past graphic design experience, painting and rendering skills as well as her interest in color theory and layered transparency to merge letterforms and images into meaningful designs.





Artist Statement

Perspective is an artwork about a fresh viewpoint or a different way of looking at something and that something is the spiritual battle in Ephesians 6:10-20. It is my attempt to try to see as God sees, to move away from the physical struggles of flesh and blood into a deeper place of spiritual trust. Life imitates art in that this is a battle not only portrayed in my artwork but found in my life as well.

Following two years of Covid-19 and now witnessing a brutal and heartbreaking war, my spiritual battle has become real and intense. For me, finding the Engage Art Contest 2022 has opened a way for me focus my mind on a deeper consideration of the spiritual battle in Ephesians 6:10-20. I have taken the time to consider what God might be saying to me through the inspired words of Paul and find a new perspective in both my spiritual and artistic struggles.

I am deeply interested in layers of transparency and painting emotional resonance. Though I studied illustration, scenic painting and Graphic Design and have designed and painted commercially, I only started painting for myself in 2017. Last year I picked up watercolor and found my perfect medium because of its transparent qualities. Additionally early in the pandemic I found calligraphy and took a deep dive into penmanship and am now adding words to my work with lettering techniques.

Perspective is the watercolor and calligraphy culmination of my spiritual and artistic journey so far. It represents the place where I currently stand and a viewpoint I am striving to hold every day. It represents my battle to find God’s beauty in the darkness and see His shining truths even during wartime. Most importantly, it is about my choice to surround myself with God’s Word and stay inside His light where spring continues to bloom.

How it fits into contest


War requires battle weapons, and we all know a little more about the horrors and ugliness of war in 2022 with war unfolding before our eyes. But Ephesians 6:10-20 clearly states that “…our struggle is not against flesh and blood…”, so I went deeper into this scripture, beyond the battle images to find a different perspective. Under the words of weapons this scripture whispers the gospel of peace.

Based on this point of view, I created my design to reflect the beauty of peace and the Beauty of God rather than the darkness and ugliness of war. I painted lilies of the field (Matthew 6:28) instead of images of war and I wanted my florals,” … here today and gone tomorrow,” (Matthew 6:30, James 4:14) to be visually surrounded by a protective shield of the words from this scripture for “…He is a shield to those who take refuge in Him”. Psalm 28:7. Finally, I lettered the gospel of peace surrounding the main image with a slight sheen and the words near the flowers in a super shiny gold to stand out as beacons of His light.

Ultimately, my goal for this piece was to create a visual representation of my belief that wrapped in the Word of God, His people can find a calm in the storm and a peace despite the flaming arrows of the enemy. The artwork is a perspective which tells me that by keeping God’s Word as my shield in mind and in prayer, I will be able to fight my battles spiritually and stand firm against my enemy, to bloom without fear.


Suzy Morris

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Perspectives by Suzy Morris can be purchased for $350.00 UDS.
Email and other contact information can be found on her web site:

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Suzy Morris has a new Instagram page: @love_letters2God which will be exclusively Christian art and calligraphy. You can see her current work there and send her a DM for inquiries. Please also feel free to visit her web site at for more of her work, contact information, or to download a price list. Thank you!

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