Venus Jones


Venus Jones


Venus Jones earned her MFA in English and Creative Writing from Mills College in 2014 and she was one of the honored commencement speakers that same year. She’s a former actress, MTV intern and opened for Def Poetry on Broadway. As a writer and poet, she’s published three books, four spoken word albums, and a mobile app full of poetic affirmations for the universal principles of Kwanzaa. She’s been a TEDx presenter and a poetry slam finalist at the Austin International Poetry Festival. Her one-woman show, “Poetic Soldier” earned her “Most Inspiring Solo Performance at the Los Angeles Women’s Theatre Festival.” Her short play “Race and War: an awkward conversation” was featured at the Tampa Bay Theatre Festival. Her poetry has been featured in several journals and endorsed by the Langston Hughes Family Museum. She's a current Mosaic Silicon Valley Fellow and an associate professor who helps her students make an impact on the page and stage. Visit for more info.


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