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Venus Jones earned her MFA in English and Creative Writing from Mills College in 2014 and she was one of the honored commencement speakers that same year. She’s a former actress, MTV intern and opened for Def Poetry on Broadway. As a writer and poet, she’s published three books, four spoken word albums, and a mobile app full of poetic affirmations for the universal principles of Kwanzaa. She’s been a TEDx presenter and a poetry slam finalist at the Austin International Poetry Festival. Her one-woman show, “Poetic Soldier” earned her “Most Inspiring Solo Performance at the Los Angeles Women’s Theatre Festival.” Her short play “Race and War: an awkward conversation” was featured at the Tampa Bay Theatre Festival. Her poetry has been featured in several journals and endorsed by the Langston Hughes Family Museum. She's a current Mosaic Silicon Valley Fellow and an associate professor who helps her students make an impact on the page and stage. Visit for more info. N/A


A Conversation with the Devil & Grim Reaper



Artist Statement

Have you ever wondered who the Devil talks to in the underworld? Who's his best friend and what do they discuss when it comes to the human race? What schemes are they plotting to keep us divided by colors? It's a poem, a fable and spoken word art all rolled into one.

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I have conversations with God often and I know you do too. Yet, how many of us think about who the devil is in conversation with? I imagine that spiritual warfare begins with the manipulation of the flesh. This spoken word art and/or fable is the result of me thinking about what happens when a bold Grim Reaper wants to switch things up. He wants to kill a global leader out of fear that he could lose him because a breastplate of righteousness is likely forming.


Spoken Word Poetry and Storytelling of the Fable written and performed by Venus Jones

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Transcript / Lyrics

A conversation with the Devil and Grim Reaper
By Venus Jones

The Devil called in the Grim Reaper, who he truly underrated.
He said, “I told you to pick up blacks, who are hella melanated.”

Reaper said, “After eight centuries you don’t pay me enough.
I’m tired of black plagues, race flu, and all this COVID stuff.
I’m extra tired of killing black folk on Earth every day.
I want to pick up more whites. And get them out the way.”

The Devil said, “Hell no! Trust me, God and I got pacts.
He sends reapers for the whites. And I send reapers for the blacks.
This should come to no surprise. Thanks to demons in disguise.
Some humans switch teams. Free will means compromise.
You can whisper hate to white men in uniform. They need to stay on attack.
If he didn't read the Gospel of peace, you shoot flames through his back.
My favorite aim right now, is the one and only POTUS!
Power loving humans follow him. Haven’t you noticed?”

“It’s not worth it,” said the Reaper. His time is up you know!
Let me guide him here. My fear. His heart may begin to grow.”

“Did you just challenge me twice, Mr. Skull without out brain?
You know he promotes domination and the terror we need to reign.

Satan, I know just what you’re saying but race war is starting to cease.
Humans of every color and creed are now demanding peace.

Grim, do you know how long it takes a breastplate of righteousness to form?
Most humans share a love for riches. Profit over people is still the norm.
That’s why not long ago, God let me co-create bullets and the gun.
And for centuries we’ve been watching black death. Oh, it’s been fun!

Satan, but now whites are protesting. Have you seen them in the street?
‘Black Lives Matter!’ and ‘Silence is Violence!’ These are chants on repeat!
And what will you do, if they also demand more peace by gun control?
God knows, I need to pick up more whites if we are to reach our epic death toll.

Grim, just like Job we did lose Kanye. He turned from greed, lust, and envy too.
But POTUS is just posing with the Bible right now, and God talks to me not you!
Remember I rule the Earth, and it’s time to test human’s lust of power once again.
Tell me, do you want blacks back on top, or shall I choose browns for the win?

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