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Gary ABRAMOV is USA artist and art designer born in Europe. Gary have won art contests and attended different art shows and exhibitions. His artworks were published by leading magazines. He believes that the art created by humans is a protective wall in our modern rush digital world; to show the world always in a new way emotionally but with sensual sensuality is the major purpose of art. HELLO! I am Gary Abramov. Who am I? I am a traveler. I travel the world, I travel the time, I travel in real as well as in my dreams and thoughts. I greedily absorb the life. I felt the cold of ice, the scents of tropics, the infinity of deserts. I felt the freshness and beauty of the most beautiful seas with my eyes and my skin. I felt the magnificence of the most beautiful mountains with my body and my lungs. I saw extraordinary happiness and endless grief of people misfortunes and wars. We would see the full greatness of the peak from the deepest point of the mountain. All the majestic beauty of our life can be seen better in the dark. If you ask me if I've seen everything, I’ll answer “Of course, no”. I’m excited and wondered each time I see that our world and our life are beautiful. That’s why I show the bright endless of our world through my art. My vision of the world based on the forms of contemporary art, but also, during my travels to Sinai, I absorbed the culture of Ancient Egypt, and Jerusalem, Ancient Greece from the Athenian ruins, Ancient Rome. I remember colors of the Himalayas, the bright sculptures of Sri Lanka and Polynesia islands. I follow the aesthetics of the old century human civilization in my paintings. I always show specific images of the world and do not fall into absolute abstraction. I think that now people, as never before, faces a huge threat of digital aesthetics and cultural aggression reproduced by artificial intelligence. Remember the first flower you draw, funny images of our Mom and Dad. Do not forget the mystery of the fire sounds, the delightful sunset at the ocean, the rustle of a ripe harvest. That is how we understand that we are still alive. We will be able to survive in this worldwide drama between man and robot because of the art, our own feelings and thoughts. That is the great mission of the art, from the very first visual images by the baby to the great projects of significant artists. I am the author of several significant architectural ideas in Kyiv Ukraine. Participated in creative, socially significant installations and national events. I am the inventor. So, who am I. I don’t know if I am a different. But I know whom I with. I am with Those who see the world anew, brightly and in a new way.


Young Dreams in Charlotte. Time Lines.



Artist Statement

On the top of Blue Mountains. I watched the young man with a frozen look of dreams. In the waves of the rustling trees, like a huge ship in a windy stream of air, the Charlotte Uptown. I remembered this dear young guy and this picture on top, when the sun so unintelligently illuminated my bright thoughts expressed in the picture.

How it fits into contest

I could not finish this painting for a long time. Thoughts were confused, images are incomprehensible. Having found out about your competition. I again read Ephesians to the Apostle Paul. The message dawned on me with clear images of my picture.
I remembered the boy at Mount Srowders in Charlotte, North Carolina. His bright thoughts, dreams are the strength of a young man in the present and future struggle against the dark forces of evil. I was illuminated by a clear vision of the images and thoughts of the picture.
6. 10. Finally, I say: be strong in faith in God and in His great power.
A young man as a conductor from the present to the future at the top of the mountain thinks of God strengthening faith in the present and the future.
6.11. Dress in the armor of God to withstand all the machinations of the devil.
The armor of God is faith in Christ. Armor is prayer and thoughts of faith. A young man, though young physically, is dressed in the armor of a warrior of faith in his thoughts.
6.12. For we are not fighting against human flesh and blood, but against rulers, against authorities, against the universal forces of this dark age and the spiritual forces of evil in the heavens.
The young man fights not against people in his thoughts, he leads the city ship as a symbol of the human lives of human sins, temptations and unbelief, to light from the black universe forces.
6.13. And therefore, put on the full armor of God to resist when the black day comes, and stand firm, doing everything possible
Faith of the elderly is wise. The faith of the young is strong because it is ready to stand in battle and in the present and in the future.
6.14. Stand firm and gird with the truth. Let your righteousness be your chain mail.
The righteousness of a young man in his actions and thoughts, and not idleness, lift him above others and clothe him with the armor of a young army.
6.15. May your readiness to preach the good news of the world become shoes on your feet.
A big one starts small. The desire to hear Christ in himself will multiply the strength to tell others about him.
6.16. In addition to this, equip yourself with faith as a shield, with which you can extinguish all the fiery arrows issued by the evil one.
Not everyday temptations and erroneous interpretations of unbelievers inside the city-ship lead the youth. He himself leads in the thoughts of the city-ship to the light of truth. The fiery arrows released by the evil one dissolve in the spears of the light of faith.
6.17. and take the helmet of salvation, and the spiritual sword, which is the Word of God.
And the helmet of salvation and the sword of the spiritual youth, having risen in his thoughts about the word of God, the young man has already acquired.
6.18 and in every prayer ask what you need. Pray at any occasion by the Holy Spirit. And therefore, always be ready and pray strongly for all the people of God.
Thoughts on God, prayers on the top of the mountain, this is just the case, the glorification of God.
6.19. and for me, that there should be a message to me, so that when I open my mouth, I could safely inform about the secret truth of the gospel.
The young man prays and about the apostle Paul his image in the bright part of the sky is a symbol of youthful obedience to the covenants of the conversion of St. Paul
6.20. I serve him as a messenger in chains. Pray that I can preach boldly, as I should say.
The image of the apostle Paul is illuminated by the hollow of holiness in the heavens. It is a symbol of his strength, arrows of faith protect the black forces unable to break his faith.

 The picture as well as the epistle to the Efisians does not have the symbols of the final victorious triumph of faith over unbelief. This is a long way of struggle and the young man as a symbol of the future gives hope that the young army is preparing to continue this struggle in the future.
The writing of this picture has strengthened my belief in the victory of light over darkness.
The ship is moving and this is an eternal struggle with the elements of dark forces. The epistle to the Efisians for me is the code of the warrior of faith and this is the meaning of the boy's life at the top of the mountain ... He is young and ahead of a long life, but he prepares himself in his fantasies for the long and difficult path of the follower of the epistle to the Ephesians.


Gary Abramov

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