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I am Shevonne Pearson from Winston-Salem, North Carolina. I've been studying textiles for ten plus years. The best part of being a design is seeing a vision in your mind and bring it to life. I'm in love with textures, patterns, and color. Would love to one day design for a movie.


Forbidden Things

Artist Statement

A textile interpretation of good verse evil.
Water represents the good; Volcano the evil.

How it fits into contest

For this project, I wanted to show how textiles can be used to tell a story. The fabric was designed using images from a erupting volcano in Hawaii. I also printed and sublimated the fabric. For the photo, I wanted to play on Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. This is meant to represent the first battle of obedience and temptation.

A spiritual battle can represent many things in life. These battles add to our life experience. Each battle has different levels and states of destruction. Volcanoes are similar to that with their calm and furious states. A battle can come at any moment like a volcano can erupt at any time. Consuming you like everything in the path of a volcano. Destroying your soul like a lava flow sweeping a house away. Mushroom clouds spreading thick smoke making it impossible to breathe. Like that of a battle; the smoke will eventually clear.

Volcanoes represent the spiritual battle and in order to win a powerful battle you need God. Water is the only force strong enough to fight the volcano. God/Water is that force, it’s powerful yet calm and furious. Water is the source of life we need it to live. We need water to survive like we need god. This piece was my attempt to show the correlation between good and evil in life. I used the concepts and textures of the volcano to represent that through art.

Thank you for your time.


Charity Phillips Photograph

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Type of work: a unique original

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