Making a Warrior

"Making a Warrior" is a short stop motion animation film put together using multiple photos. Every bit of animation was made by moving one object at a time and taking a picture, similar to what you would see in a claymation film. This type of animation is called pixelation. It can be quite fun, but it is very tedious work. All of the armor props were designed using pages from the bible. The rest of the accessories were made from paper, magazines, and newspapers.

When filming this, I wanted to create the idea of God's armor actually coming to life from his word. There are different things that the young protagonist faces through the film, such as fiery arrows, and a dragon, all of which were meant to symbolize the different things we face in the world, and the spiritual realm. Overall I wanted to create a film that seemed fun like a child's imagination but still carried the weight of the verse from Ephesians 6:10-20.


Haylei Kvist

Art Medium

Film, Animated

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