Amuri Morris


Amuri Morris


I’m a contemporary realist, inspired by the classical realism of still life and portraiture. My portraiture focuses on the manifestation of identity, particularly black identity. My other works focus on the manifestation of an ethereal viewing experience from simplified subject matter. I want to capture something extraordinary in the ordinary. Currently, I’m a painting and art education double major at Virginia Commonwealth University. I’m committed to art because it's my vehicle for my individual journey of exploration and discovery. For me, the paintbrush in my hand allows the boundary between the imaginary and reality to fade away. My passion for art is the reason I want to enter my field as an art teacher and a studio artist. Throughout the years I have acquired several artistic accolades. I have won an award from the National Society of Art and Letters, the Whitaker Watercolor Foundation, The Congressional Black Caucus, Scholastics, Young Arts, AIGA, and so on.

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