Anabella Monzon


Anabella Monzon


“I died, and I went to heaven. And then I saw the world. I saw myself stumbling drunk on the earth,” said Monzon.

In a deeply religious experience, Monzon said she pleaded with God to give her another chance.

“When I die, I want to be remembered that I did something good for the people, something good for the world. I don’t want to die like this — desperate,” Monzon prayed.

After that, she was able to kick her addictions and begin rebuilding her life. She started by moving into the Village of Hope at the Poverello House. She then enrolled at Fresno City College before transferring to Fresno State to get her bachelor’s degree in art, followed by her Master of Art in December 2019.

“Ms. Monzon’s art communicates a message of hope to the downtrodden, the addicts, the women fleeing abusers, their children,” said Dr. Honora Chapman, interim dean, College of Arts and Humanities. “No wonder then, that her picture hangs at Poverello House and that she was involved in celebrating founder Papa Mike’s life after he passed away: she is a part of the fabric of this city as a volunteer and an artist — a true citizen of our community.”
When I was dead in heaven a voice told me to gind a guide and get away from the pull of the dark abyss and find a guide or I die forever. I found Christ. I called on God and he came near but I could not see his face the ray of light coming from his hand was too brighr. I woke up nd strted building Archangels. Everytime zi made a voil zi thought it wad a ray of light from God"s hand and I pray
Over and over I built praying to the zLight of the beam. In the end I called them tthe four directiond of the Cardinal Cross of Heaven becausie I am in Academia studying Master in Arts but to me they are the 4 Archangels of the Absolute God the Father

I am a student who just graduated with an MA in Arts emphasis in Sculpturewho is seeking the opportunity to share my God-inspired Archangels of Light inspired by the Light of God as his Word of Salvation. My art is a message of forgiveness through prayer, love, and service. The lord is magnified by those who serve him. He gives us the spirit of thanksgiving to share with others to establish his kingdom of Light and Mercy through redemption by the new Covenant of his blood. My art transcends the sacrifices in native culture in America because of the Blood of the Lamb was shed to atone for human sacrifices in worship.
MAA Learning Center — California Multicultural Art Alternatives
Web graphic communication productions in-kind 8/09 to 12/14
I have been volunteering and donating artwork to generate funds to help inner-city populations in Fresno, California, USA. God sent my message to a hurting world. I finished my sculptures two months before the Pandemia October 2019, and I saw the darkness descend in a Dream in January 2020
Key Contributions to People and Community Service (Volunteer Work)
 I planned and completed the "Wounded Spirit Show" at Margaret Hudson. I worked with Naomi Homeless Shelter for women members, teaching painting at Holy Cross Center for Women in Fresno. As a volunteer instructor, we executed 20 images and framed all artwork to exhibit at the art show.
 I Made Papa Mike's portrait for the wall of the disabled dining room at Poverello House, a homeless and substance abuse center in Fresno.
 I created "Alma Rosa" painting Pink Show, created for Saint Agnes Medical Center for Cancer Awareness Week.
 I donated artwork to the Tutorial Center at Fresno City College.
 Participated in Holy Cross Center for Women, donated my painting "Angel Gabriel" for art classes studio.
 I made Fresno State Web Site for the Senior Show. Aso,
Donated Art to Fresno State University,
 I donated art to the third Art of the Heart Auction to benefit Community Hospital patients
 I gave a painting to Special Services Drake's Clinic in Ambulatory Center.
 I donated a medicine wheel to benefit Powwow at The University of Davis, California.
 Designed logos and banners. Hispanic Heritage Week, for METRO Seattle.
 2015 European Union Academic Film festival for Youth, pyro engraving three awards logos for three universities
 Made the Logo for Volunteer Women of Panajachel, Solola, Guatemala, for COVID-19 Feeding Proposal

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