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Artist Bio of Artist Naser D. Shahrivar I was inspired as a child by Leonarda da Vinci, with his art and his inventions. With da Vinci as a role model I always tried to be a problem solver as well as an inventor in my art and day to day life. I am a full-time visual professional artist and have been practicing since childhood. Being a very diverse artist and specializing in realism and abstraction. During my retirement years I have added the profession of published author and screenwriter to my achievements. My most recent greatest achievements were to have two of my art pieces selected in the 4th annual New York NIL Gallery International Annual Exhibit and was the recipient of the "Best Painting Award" with my entry titled "Conversion" among over 600 entries. Upon my very first attempt at writing a screenplay which was based on my novel "The Persian Lover" was selected as a semifinalist in the Los Angeles International Screenplay Competition and was additionally placed on The Red List on Coverfly Screenwriting Competition. With in this year I entered the Creative World Awards 2021 and with the same screenplay "The Persian Lover" It was selected as a finalist. With this win it was placed within the top 17% of discoverable projects. Since I try to divide my time between painting and writing with goals of one day being discovered before I die. Life is too short and my days are limited and if I want to make a statement with my art or writing I must produce the very best of my abilities. Because I am a firm believer those who persevere and do not lose hope will eventually achieve the ultimate. I must believe in myself and believe in God as he shall guide my hand in the right direction.

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