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BIOBRAPHY Bozica Grskovic Bozica is Vancouver Area visual artist working with acrylic on canvas. In 1985 she graduated from Kwantlen College in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada, with an Associate of Fine Arts Diploma. Her work, primarily executed in acrylic medium on canvas, recurrently incorporates texture, where she builds her canvases, using marble dust, cotton and paper before applying paints. Her relation to art is very individual, revealing inner quest and immersion to hidden depths beneath the exterior world. Work develops slowly through personal and intuitive observations, insights, and events, maturing into its final realization. She works in series to accommodate her visual acuity. Her continual creative preoccupation is with the human person, his interior life, experience, search for meaning, journey, and final goal, all from the Christian perspective. INTROSPECT II - An examination of one's soul.
 In spiritual content, introspect examines the soul and evolves thinking about and analyzing our thoughts and behaviours. 
 In Ephesians 6:10-20, St. Paul asks us to be strong in the Lord and his mighty power, to put on God's complete armour and be ready to stand against the devil's schemes. The enemy I am against is not of flesh and blood but the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realm. 
 To achieve this strength, I must be ready to examine myself and to let go within me of anything which is not God. I must be willing to be naked before God, let go of the pretences and make myself vulnerable, knowing that he already knows everything about me. And, only after having left everything out and let God in to dwell can I live in the presence of love, making thoughts channelled into a fearless conversation with God, ready to pray, defend and help.   No matter how loud the world is around me, I am in peace and love when I let introspect to God.   

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